Posted by: S/J | 01/22/2009

Pehle toh India tha yaar!

The BBC reported that Chandi Chowk to China has been banned in Nepal because of a scene suggesting that Buddha was born in India. Protesters have burned tires in the capital city of Nepal.

That’s preposterous!

Why would people react so violently to a movie, especially one that’s not even worth a $5 Tuesday. We decided to investigate this issue further. According to maybe reliable sources, Buddha was born in 624 BC in a place called Lumbini, which was originally in northern India but is now part of Nepal.

Gawahon aur sabooton ko madday nazar rakhte hue, hum is nateeje par pahunchey hai ki pehle toh India tha yaar!*

*According to witnesses and evidence, we conclude that, dude! it was India before.



  1. What are you saying? Nepal wasn’t India at anytime of history. Our nation was formed just after 1947 when we threw British away. So, there is no point in hurting Nepali people because they are more prosperous, brave, and kind than we are.

    Do you know their history? They fought back British force so well that Nepal is one of very few nations that the British couldn’t conquer.

    Now we are stronger than them but we mustn’t forget how we used to depend on their economy for survival at one time of history.

    So, I think the crew must apologize to the beautiful nation Nepal. We can always remain as friends. Such an issue will not end our long-long friendship.

  2. Hello Mr. Mehta,

    We aren’t saying anything. It was actually that website, which we did say is only “maybe reliable” that said that. We don’t know enough about the history to make any claims all by ourselves.

    But we do think violence is outrageous, not just by the Nepali people, but by anyone who responds by violence, especially to a movie…which shouldn’t to be taken seriously. And that dialogue from the movie was taken out. We apologize if we offended anyone, that wasn’t our intent, nor was it to deny anyone their history.


  3. Mr. GyanGurus,
    We all know that the violence is outrageous, but, honestly this is not the first time that bollywood film hitting on the dignity of Nepal. Its very nice of you to type “We apologize if we offended anyone”, but, I think the crew has to apologize and that should be public and known to Nepalese and all. Somehow I feel, may be Nepal is weaker economically, politically and in many other factors thats why the script writers dont care about Nepal, a independent beautiful country.
    About the website, you can go to : its a world Heritage site.
    Doesnt matter if its a $5 movie or even no cost, that was public and viewable to the world and, in my opinion, the movie makers should not bring any confusion to the people of the world as a whole, because, bollywood movies are watched almost all over the world. So, if the crew members should apolozize publicly, if they are responsible citizens and have kind humanity within in them.

  4. Mr. Dipak,

    Thank you for your comment, but we’re not Mr. GyanGurus, but Miss. GyanGurus.

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