Posted by: S/J | 01/22/2009

Writer’s block…unblocked

Sona: Ok I can’t think of anything to write
Jasmine: Me neither
Jasmine: I was reading the Saavn blog, maybe we should just talk about movies that are coming up
Jasmine: Or lets google a little
Sona: Googling it is!
Sona: Okay Amisha Patel was offered the role before Tabu and Lara….Shahrukh ko paagal kutey ne kaata tha kya?*
Jasmine: Haah…sach mein paagal hai (Truly crazy)
Jasmine: Humey red chillies kay casting directors banana chahiye (We should be the casting directors for Red Chillies Entertainment)
Sona: Seriously!
Sona: It’s a cute little, typical Karan interview
Jasmine: halkat hai**
Sona: Yeh dekho! (Look at this)
Jasmine: Yeh Shahrukh bhi na! (Dude, Shahrukh is something)
Sona: Whatever, itna bada role nahin tha (Whatever, the role wasn’t that big/important)
Sona: I mean come on yaar shahrukh hai (I mean come on it’s Shahrukh)
Sona: Yeah I know but all the other movies that he has said no to…I know shahrukh hai…tabhi toh yeh Shahrukh bhi na (I know it’s Shahrukh, that’s why…Shahrukh is something)
Jasmine: Did you read this…
Jasmine: “Johar has also received a Masters degree in French, and planned to move to Paris before he became involved in films.”
Jasmine: He planned to move to Paris!
Sona: Yeah I have
Jasmine: Dude we need to meet him, hamare jaisa hai (He’s like us); and it’s sad that we haven’t met yet
Sona: It is
Jasmine: He’s missing out on so much
Sona: lol!
Jasmine: And so are we!
*(Was Shahrukh bitten by a crazy dog? A common Hindi saying when you think someone is acting crazy.) P.S. We heart Shahrukh, even if a crazy dog bit him!

**Definition Online: "Halkat means mean person. A person having no worth at all; It is made from a Marathi word Halka means mean, valueless." (But this is not how we use this word, we almost use it like the word retarded, as you would say it to a friend…we only use this word for people we like…99% of the time)

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