Posted by: S/J | 01/27/2009

Emosional Atyachar

Today, while we were driving back from class, we listened to the song Emosional Atyachar* from Dev D. This time very carefully. We couldn’t believe the genius hilarity. We laughed the whole time! So of course we were going to write a post sharing the lyrics and the song with you. But while looking for the lyrics, we wandered to another blog, where the person had already done it.

Here it is.

Of course we’ll give you something more…the story behind the song, by none other than the director/writer himself, Anurag Kashyap. Check it out here!

There’s two versions of the song, there’s a Brass Band version and a Rock version…we love the Brass Band, very desi! Check it out here…just hover over the link and click play!

Emosanal Attyachaar-Brass Band Version
* Translates to Emotional Torture


  1. you know what movie does have really good music Delhi 6 I mean its amazing some of the songs are indescribable

  2. Arjoo, you’re so right! I’m obsessed with Delhi 6’s music right now, it only makes sense, it’s composed by Mr. A.R. Rahman and the lyrics are by none other than Prasoon Joshi.

  3. I love the brass band song! The soundtrack is so fascinating, and I love how diverse it is, but for whatever reason a brass band was the last thing I expected to hear!

    Thank you for the link 🙂


  4. You’re welcome Beth. We seriously cannot get over this song, it is work of a genius! However, it’s so ironic that this sad song actually puts a smile on the face. Absolutely love the use of English words in the song, he actually says “whore” at a point!

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