Posted by: S/J | 02/01/2009

For those of you

who have seen Luck By Chance, can you tell us whether the girl behind Karisma, on the right, is the choreographer and Konkona Sen’s character’s friend in the movie. We think it’s the same person, but not completely sure.


P.S. We watched Lucky By Chance on Friday and the review will be up soon…promise!
* Click on image to see larger version.


  1. Ladies, I think you are right; that is the same girl who was in the movie (assistant choreographer). By the way, did you guys enjoy the movie? I think I had higher expectations from it so it was a little bit of a letdown. However, I have to say the song picturized on Hrithik was fantastic.

  2. Really?! We actually loved the movie!

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