Posted by: S/J | 02/22/2009

Abhishek Says No To Bollywood

abhishek_bachchan_pe_20061211We have the utmost respect for Hollywood and the films made in the United States, but I think it wouldn’t be fair to name the Indian film industry after Hollywood. Unfortunately, it’s come to stick and it’s in the dictionary and I don’t think we’ll get away from it.” Abhishek Bachchan discusses the identity of Filmistan and where it stands right now. This is the first time we heard a younger member of Filmistan discussing the name issue which is very important to people…going by our blog’s name you can tell it’s definetily important to us.

“But for Western audiences and theater owners, “Bollywood” is a catchy shorthand—and any international cinema wanting to make inroads into the West can use all the catchiness it can get.”

We agree that a certain catchiness is required. After all that’s why commercials have jingles, so the audience can easily remember those brands. We believe that Filmistan is the best solution. It has a very Eastern distinction, and even India’s known as a Hindu(stan*), and it’s much catchier than “The Indian Film Industry.” As long as people don’t confuse it with a country we think it’s fine…actually even if they do confuse it with a country, why not…Filmistan is just as important!
All quoted material belongs to; Find article here.

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