Posted by: S/J | 02/23/2009

Jai Ho!

OSCARS/ The night of the Oscars is one that many look forward to because it’s an event that felicitates the best in film making. This year’s Oscars were a little more special than the others, specifically because two of India’s legends were nominated.

Most of us have grown up admiring and enjoying Gulzar Saab’s lyrics, remember Mogli’s “Chaddi pehan kay phool khila hai*,” and Mr. Rahman’s music, from the days of Roja to Delhi 6.

While we already knew how brilliant they were, they’re finally being recognized on an international stage. Both of these artists and Resul Pookutty won Oscars for original song and sound mixing. We’re extremely proud and are having an ultimate filmy moment! I think this calls for a week-long party!
*We used to loove this show when we were kids and can still hear the title song of Mogli so distinctly; Gulzar saab is the one and only…who can write the lyrics “chaddi pehan kay phool khila hai” and “Dil Se Re”



  1. they won 8 awards that was so crazy and whenever they would win dev and freida would get so excited it was so cute and the performance was fabulous. This was the first year I watched the whole oscar show.

  2. Same here. This was the first year that I watched the complete show (hoping to catch glimpse of the Indian stars on the red carpet). Next step, Amercian production house but complete Indian team to showcase their talent and dominate the Oscars!!!

  3. I don’t think Slumdog was that good…I mean it was good..but not worthy for best picture. I thought the ending sucked. It was not a very good movie or great IMO. I would not want to see that again..thats for sure.

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