Posted by: S/J | 03/04/2009

Casting calls

sholay1975 Filmistan might produce a huge number of films every year, but needless to say that their way of working has been very praacheen*.

It wasn’t until the last few years that they started writing full-bound scripts before the production phase of the film. We’ve heard that some directors still don’t write a script and just “go-with-the-flow,” this might explain the absence of a casting director in Filmistan. The director was and is in charge of the lead cast and it seems that everything else was just “winged.”

You might know the name Loveleen Tandan. She is the casting director of Slumdog Millionaire. The movie’s success has given the opportunity for everyone involved with the movie to be appreciated and that includes the technical talent as well. We came across this article and finally got the opportunity to appreciate some of Filmistan’s casting directors, who are never mentioned anywhere.

It’s about time that everyone starts taking the job of a casting director seriously kyunki socho Sholey mein Amjad Khan ki jaga koi aur Gabbar hota toh**? Could anyone else have played Mr. Bachchan’s character in Black…now that’s what we mean by perfect casting!
**Imagine if Gabbar was played by someone else other than Amjad Khan in Sholay


  1. Iam a freelance make up artist of 17 years of experience, I specialise in SFX, prosthetics and also beauty make up. I am at present a Lecturer, teaching a international make up diploma at the perth college of beauty therapy, in Western Australia. I would very much love to be part of your team for any future Movies, a dream come true.
    Upon request I am able to send you samples of my work.

  2. This might be the best compliment we’ve ever received. To think that someone thinks we make movies…oh how we wish! Our goal is to be part of Filmistan as well, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to make any leeway as of now, we’re still finishing college…and fulfill our passion through this blog. But, when it does work out and we have some power, we will remember you!

  3. We didn’t think that the play on words, “casting calls” might backfire….so just clearing that up, we’re are not in that occupation, at least not right now!

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