Posted by: S/J | 03/04/2009

Shabana Ji opts out of “My Name is Khan”

Now this is just unfortunate, not just for us but also for Karan Johar. We were eagerly awaiting to see Shabana Ji in Karan Johar’s movie as Shah Rukh’s mom because…well it goes back to Koffee with Karan! Remember the episode with Shabana Ji and Javed Saab? Shabana Ji had said that she had refused roles in Karan’s movies because they’re just not substantial roles and powerful roles.


When she finally agreed for the film, we were extremely excited, because that meant that Karan’s film and Shabana Ji’s role was powerful enough that it compelled her to accept it. But now, we find out that because of date issues and Shah Rukh’s surgery, she is not able to be part of the movie…nahin! Aisa nahin ho sakta!* Hum maatam mana rahein hai**.

Wait, there’s still hope. One never knows, these might just be rumors…let’s hope they are!

Buri khabar here.
*Noo! This can’t happen! (Super dramatic, preferably like Hema Malini)
**We’re observing a funureal…of the death of Shabana Ji’s character in “My Name is Khan.”


  1. cool…i too hope they are just rumors….well u know shabana n javed won the best couple award…
    check out more details

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