Posted by: S/J | 03/04/2009

Amrita Arora’s Wedding

The wedding took place at a Bandra church in the afternoon, hence all the semi-casual clothing. But there were some characters present that apparently didn’t know how to dress for a wedding, especially Salman…he looks like he just woke up. One of our pet peeves, we don’t understand why Filmistan men don’t wear suits more often, Salman should take a peek at Saif. Sister Malaika was of course the Maid of Honor, while Kareena, Mallika Bhatt, Amrita’s makeup-artist, and Arpita Khan were the bridesmaids. We wish the couple best wishes!

Salman Khan Amrita Arora Amrita Wedding Gauri Khan 18-538717197 Hritesh Deshmukh

24-1036969800 amrita-arora-wedding-kareena-malaika dsc_8597-1891412524

Katrina Kaif amrita-arora-wedding-kareena-malaika1 Raveena Tondon

  • As always click on image for a larger version

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