Posted by: S/J | 03/12/2009

Our Unbiased (ahem) View of John Abraham


John Abraham says the best thing to happen to him in 2008 was his brother’s marriage.
But we think the best thing to happen, ever, was John Abraham.

After the success of Dostana, this might have become evident to a few more people. There’s something inspiring about John. There’s the obvious good looks, but there’s something deeper, which can’t be defined. It might just be us, but that vibe we get from him…he’s a special person.

In this interview he talks about how he’s funny in real life and reminisces about the moment when he realized he was funny on-screen.

We don’t know when he realized he was funny on-screen, but he had us rolling when we watched “Garam Masala.” Especially the scene where he sings “dekho maine dekha hai yeh ik sapna” and dances!

He not only manages to make us laugh but we adore the way he dances. There’s been a vast improvement in his dancing and acting. But what’s endearing about him is that he really tries hard and it’s evident. C’mon you’ve seen him dance in “Desi Girl,” even Priyanka praised him on “Oye! It’s Friday.”

John comes across as a genuinely nice person and we hope to see a lot more of him in the future…preferably in-person, hopefully as his stylists, but we’ll be spot-girls if we have to!
Picture credit: Here (Still from upcoming movie “Little Zizou”)



  1. I agree that he has come a long way since he started, but still have LOTS to improve upon. I mean, yeah he looked really good in Dostana but acting vise, Abhishek takes the cake.

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