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Baaton Baaton Mein – Tulip Joshi

tulip-joshi07 We have a very special relationship with Tulip Joshi, so it’s apt that our first interview is with her. It’s all actually because of John Abraham…of course! Both of them were in this amazing, beautiful video “Ab raat din.”

We used to watch this video every single day, many times a day. So, we just developed this connection with her. It only got stronger when she debuted with a Yash Raj film, Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai. The rest they say is history, but than there was Mathrubhoomi and than Dhoka and…well you get the point.

Tulip Joshi, born to an Armenian mother and an Indian father, was born on September 11 in Mumbai. She’s a certified nutritionist and is a certified professional scuba driver…and needless to say, she’s a talented actor who has shown much range in quite a short amount of time. There was no way we couldn’t interview her.

1. Did you pursue a career in film/modeling from the beginning or did it just happen?

I have always been free spirited…got offers in modeling since I was in school, though didn’t pursue it. Then, I got my first offer at a wedding. Ever since my first acting experience…simply love it!

2. What made you take that long break from films, right after you first release?

I had a slipped disc…I was finding my path during that time.

3. You’ve played a variety of characters in a seemingly small amount of time. You’ve done Hindi, Malyalam, Telgu films and now a Punjabi film. You’ve had such range in the characters you’ve played: from Anjali in Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, Sara in Dil Maange More, Mausam in Superstar to Kalki in Mathrubhoomi and Sarah in Dhoka. Which character did you enjoy playing the most?

To me, all my films are special. “Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai” being my first film, I enjoyed the ‘high’ of seeing myself perform, while people appreciated my look and glamour. “Matrubhoomi” was critically acclaimed; people who watched the film all over the world appreciated my work and started taking me seriously as an actor. Than I got a chance to work with superstar Mammoothi in the South. jag_jeondeyan_de_mele_2009

“Dhokha” was a very satisfying experience with the character of a suicide bomber and I simply love the way Pooja (Bhatt) projected me in the film.

And now, I got to work with superstar Harbhajan Mann in a Punjabi film-which is a blockbuster, running its 7th week. I have a double role-playing a blind girl from Vancouver and a gypsy from Punjab.

4. How do you prepare for your roles, especially when you’ve worked in many languages?

I focus on my character, lines and go with what my director needs to be projected…be it in any language.

5. Tulip, close your eyes and tell us your favorite thing to do in Mumbai. If it were a Sunday morning, where would you take us?

I love Mumbai and on a Sunday morning, I love a beautiful walk on Carter Road. After that I go for breakfast to my boyfriend’s mom’s for South Indian preparations! She’s the best South-Indian-cuisine chef!

6. What is your favorite:
Pastime: Writing, reading and music.
Food: Thai food
Movies: Taxi Driver, Amelie, Cindrella Man, etc.
Books: Shantaram, A Prisoner of Birth and awaiting my boyfriend’s (Vinod Nair) book to release!
Song: Depends on my mood – club, lounge, classics – 80’s.
City: Los Angeles, Venice, Bangkok, Amsterdam

P.S. Check her out in her upcoming movies “Daddy Cool” and “Runway.”


  1. great interview girlies~!! keep up the good work….mumbai here we come!!

  2. Thanks Reshma. Seriously can’t wait to be in Mumbai.

  3. u r so sweet

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