Posted by: S/J | 04/09/2009

Queen of our hearts

rani-mukherjee-atlantis-dubai-launch1 “Humein tumse pyar kitna yeh hum nahin jaantey, magar ji nahin saktey tumhare bina.”*

While we may be still be alive, even after all those months without seeing Rani Mukherjee, it was definetily not fun. We really missed her!

Actually we had been meaning to do a post about the disappearing act Rani pulled after “Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic.” Pun not intended!

But before we did that, our wish was granted. Rani is back in the media eye, making her presence felt at various events. She is also in the news for her upcoming movie and her “new toned figure.”

Her next film is called “Hadippa” in which she is said to be playing the captain of a women’s cricket team.

We are really excited to see her in this movie and hope that producers get over the age bias already and start making cinema with a talented female actor such as Rani…(among others of course).

Now that we’re talking about Rani today, it would be inappropriate to not mention Rani’s amazing jewelry collection and her choice of Indian outfits. We’ll let you see what we mean…

*We don’t know how much we love you, but we can’t live without you. (Lyrics from the movie Kudrat – 1981)



  1. i miss rani too!! i love how you guys get all the BEST pics!!!

  2. Thank you for your comment! The pictures are courtesy of the photographers who take them, the sites who put them up, and the internet which makes it so easy to find them. Until we have our own personal paparazzi team following Filmistanis, the credit goes to all those mentioned.

  3. who dose not like rani mukherjee honestly shes amazing with the coolest voice of all time and the cutest laugh

  4. You’re so right Arjoo…Rani has such a cool voice, only time mine gets even 25% as nice as hers is when I have a cold! Sometimes I wish I could just have a cold that would never go away…hmm now let me think of more ways to change my voice, I guess I’ll google that! Hehe

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