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Remembering the great filmmaker, Shakti Samanta

shaktisamanta-1b-1_1186981150 It was disheartening to read about Shakti Samanta’s demise, a very talented filmmaker who has some of the biggest Hindi film classics to his name.

He died of cardiac arrest at his Santa Cruz home. He was recovering from a stroke he had suffered about two months ago.

He was born in Burdwan, West Bengal on January 13, 1926. After he graduated in 1944 from Calcutta University, he wanted to become an actor in Filmistan. Apparently, there was something else in store for him.

He joined Filmistan in 1948 as an assistant director at Bombay Talkies, the famous movie company founded in 1934.

amarprem6 aradhana-85

Samanta directed his first feature film – Bahu in 1954. After the success for his next few films, Inspector (1956), Sheroo (1956), Detective (1957) and Hill Station (1957), he started his own production company, Shakti Films, in 1957.

The first release of his company was the classic, Howrah Bridge, with Ashok Kumar and Madhubala as the lead.

hb-film kashmirkek5

In all, Samanta directed 43 feature films, including 37 Hindi, and 6 Bengali films.

He has left a legacy of great films for generations to cherish and enjoy, some of which include: An Evening in Paris (1967); Kati Patang (1970); Pagla Kahin Ka (1970); Jane Anjane (1971); Anuraag (1972); Ajnabee (1974); Amanush (1975); Mehbooba (1976); Anurodh (1977); The Great Gambler (1979)
Most of the information is obtained from Wikipedia.



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