Posted by: S/J | 04/16/2009

Happy Birthday Lara!

karan-johar-lara-dutta-katrina-kaif Tum jeeyo hazaaron saal,
saal ke din hon pachaas hazaar…here’s wishing you a happy birthday!

In honor of one of our favorite filmistani fairies, here’s an all out gushathon on why we love Lara Dutta:

She is our favorite person on Koffee with Karan’s rapid-fire round.

She has this accent, we haven’t heard it before, it’s fantastic! It’s like the British accent but with some of the Indian accent…we envy it!

The Miss Universe winner is eloquent, charismatic, smart and loud, and refers to herself as “Bhaaji.”

Has an amazing sense of humor and an on-going laughter track!

“No Entry” – Her character in that movie was brilliant. Our personal favorite, the delivery of this dialogue: “Khidki wala blouse!” lara-dutta

She can be witty and snarky at the same time. Who else would’ve replied Gracy Singh –because no one had said her name in such a long time, when asked who would you give the title miss congeniality to?

She can laugh at herself – If you put an ad for yourself in the matrimonial column, what would it read like? Well-fed Punjabi, 5’8″, nicknamed “Bhaaji,” well endowed, wheatish complexion, good Punjabi girl.

She has “been responsive to the issues of AIDS awareness in India, Female Reproductive Rights, and acts as spokesperson for the Face to Face program.” She is also actively involved with the United Nations Populations Fund on their ‘Missing’ campaign, profiling the declining child sex ratio in India.

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom – do we even have to explain?!


  1. Thanks for this pic, katrina looks awesome in it…. lara looks good too..but katrina….amazing 😀

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