Posted by: S/J | 04/21/2009

The Anil Kapoor Syndrome

We don’t remember it too often, to look for pictures of behind the scenes of a movie. It’s strange really, why we don’t because when we see them we get the Anil Kapoor Syndrome. Matlab, we get super excited (thank you Shobhaa ji).

Actually, anything remotely related to behind the scenes of a movie takes us to cloud nine…because, well most of you know, that’s where we want to end up.

still5-70648557 still9-961211734

Saif’s gash looks so real!

Once in a while, or more often than that actually, we pop in over at filmicafe for pictures of recent events (really hope we’re not breaking some laws by posting pics…but we do give them credit, so we should be safe…hopefully). Anyway, the only real point of this post is to share these pictures from the set of “Love Aaj Kal,” but it seems we’re in the mood for rambling….we’ll let the verbosity end…


Guess the love birds can’t stay apart

Except, here’s a little bit about “Love Aaj Kal.” If you’re not aware, this movie is directed by Imtiaz Ali, the genius behind “Socha Na Tha” and “Jab We Met.” The cast includes Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone with Rishi Kapoor and Rahul Khanna. As of now the movie is set to release on the 26th of June, this year….and it’s supposed to have flashbacks! Yeh for ghisi piti filmi techniques!

still2-351217672 still3-2079134584still7-1245898854 still4-533660741


  1. saif and kareena are just so wonderful looking ❤

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