Posted by: S/J | 04/23/2009

Tum Yeh Kyun Nahin Kehtey Yaar

sei_johnvidya2 Before we begin, we should clarify why we created this new category.

As we browse online looking for our daily dose of Filmistani khabrein, we sometimes come across certain news articles that should be a little different. Just a tinsy winsy. In posts under this category, we’ll take news and reinvent it…of how it should be (according to us)! Once you read this, you’ll realize the point of this category…to take us out of this depressive state we’re in (we’re jobless, karanless and johnless and we have way too much time on our hands) and make us feel a million times better!

A close source revealed that John Abraham is finalized for Chenab Gandhi and guess who insisted that John is cast against Vidya Balan…Bipasha herself! She also said that John has to be in the movie because she loved Ranbir in Saawariya and feels as if a SLB movie can do a lot for JA’s career! Also, Bipasha desperately wants John to call Sona and Jasmine to be her stylists…cause they would only do that for Bipasha if John asked.

5104748_stdRensil and Karan got so fed up of rumors flying around that their movie is going to be called Jehad that they hired Sona and Jasmine to not only name the movie, but also become PR Directors to control bakwaas that Kareena, Saif and the media have been spreading!

Sonam and Rhea Kapoor head to California to meet up with Sona and Jasmine to discuss their home-production Ayesha’s wardrobe. “I was browsing the internet one day and came across a blog named the filmistan connection, which is where I discovered these two geniuses named Sona and Jasmine,” Sonam Kapoor. “Once we got talking, I found out that they had been to fashion school…and while they don’t have a lot of experience I still felt they could take on this project…ek johari ko hi asli heerey ki keemat maaloom hoti hai.”*
*This quote is not actually by Sonam Kapoor, neither is this the real news, please don’t sue us! We’re broke!!


  1. Your being sued!!! haha that was actually a good quote.. Ladies soon enough Sonam Kapoor will be asking for you to do her clothing line.. if not her at least i will! ; )

  2. AWWWWWW!! That’s the best thing anyone could say to us!! Thanks!

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