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Baaton Baaton Mein – Onir Anirban

n614592580_8299 We love him! We love him! WE LOVE HIM!! If you didn’t know him already than you need to go do you know what…chullu bhar paani mein doob maro!. He is the director of “My Brother Nikhil,” “Bas Ek Pal,” “Sorry Bhai.” We don’t even have words to express how cool we think Onir is…we’ll just let you read the answers and fall in love…and we’re so going over for brunch, we just need to get some moolah for a plane ticket!

What did you aspire to be as a child?
As a little Kid I wanted to be a Superman, then a Sailor, after that a Pop Star and finally when I was in class eight I think I knew I wanted to be a film maker.

What or who inspires you?
My Sister

Did you always want to make films?
Well like I just mentioned since class eight there was no other goal.

How did you get your first break in the industry?
Well I trained In Berlin for editing. After that I came to Mumbai and started working with Plus Channel as an editor for Television programmes. That was my first step into the industry. Later I edited the promos of Kalpana Lajmi’s Darmian my first into films directly.

What do you enjoy most about your job and why? What are the challenges?
I think I enjoy being at the shoot the most. Love the energy and the process of the written taking shape of images. The most challenging aspect is to make your actors see the film through your vision.

my-brother-nikhil-wallpaperTell us one favorite thing you loved about each one of your previous movies (“My Brother Nikhil,” “Bas Ek Pal” and “Sorry Bhai!”).
My brother Nikhil: It’s just so special… because it was my first and a dream coming true, so everything became special….. but if i have to think and find that one thing that was most special… that’s Nikhil, portrayed by my friend/actor/co-producer Sanjay Suri.

Bas Ek Pal : The layers that each characters had. I like the complex structure of each player.

Sorry Bhai: The chemistry between Boman and Shabana

You were inspired to make your next film, Abhimanyu, by a Mumbai Mirror article about a man who was sexually abused as a child. Please tell the readers a little bit more about the project?
I will not say really inspired. I have been wanting to make a film on child abuse for a long time. Had been doing research… and finally this article set the trigger. I was so disturbed that I did what I can do best, start writing wanting to make a film soon… and that’s how ABHIMANYU was born. The film is about a survivor of child abuse. It will be a part of a feature with five interlinked short stories… each dealing with a story that needs to be told… all stories inspired by real life stories.

We heard you’re working on four short films…are they related to Abhimanyu, or are they separate projects? What are they about?
Each short story has the theme of Fear… characters from one appear in some of the other shorts…. so in a way though each is a film in itself, they hold together like a garland of five individual pearls.

sorry-bhai This might be a little random, but the whole multiplex situation has still not been resolved. How do you feel about the strike?
Well I think tickets are highly priced and for cinema to survive the film industry has to fight for its rights. Recovery is increasingly becoming difficult, so this was essential. I hope the film industry would also unite so that multiplex reserve all shows of one screen…at lease for independent films….but I doubt how much the biggies care about independent cinema!

Any advice for someone who wants to be a part (not as an actor, but behind the scene) of Filmistan?
Well be ready for a long journey….and if you know your goal and work towards it, however long the road might be, the beauty of achieving your goal is worth the journey.

Tell us some of your favorites –
Pastime: Reading/Travelling
Food: Mom and Dad’s recipes
Movie: My brother Nikhil
Filmmaker: Pedro Almodovar
Book: Too Many… currently THE KITE RUNNER
Song: Le Chalein( from My brother Nikhil)
City in the world: Berlin

And lastly…Onir, close your eyes and tell us your favorite thing to do in Mumbai. If it were a Sunday morning, where would you take us?
Honestly, if I close my eyes I wanna run away from this hot polluted overcrowded city. All I can think is to invite you for brunch cooked by me….. 🙂





  1. cant wait to see Abhimanyu!!! its nice to see a director paying attention to such vital issues… any idea when its set to release??

  2. hey you guys got another interview woohoo!! on your way to sucess. Onir Anirban directed Bas ek Pal wow I love that movie.

  3. Don’t know when Abhimanyu will be releasing, he’s still working on the script. It does sound like a good movie and we will keep you posted on any news that involves this film.

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