Posted by: S/J | 04/27/2009

Feroz Khan

ferozkhan He was so full of life and he had a style that was like no one else. You couldn’t help but take notice when he was in front of you, when he was talking so elegantly.

So, it was truly such a shock when we found out Feroz Khan passed away at his farmhouse in Bangalore after suffering with lung cancer for the past year.

He appeared in more than 50 movies. He produced, directed and starred in many films during the 70s and 80s.

His film Qurbani (1980) was the biggest hit of his career and he had recently announced that he was planning on remaking the film. In 1986 he directed and starred in Janbaaz which was a box office hit.

He directed and starred in Dharmatma, which was the first ever Hindi film to be shot in Afghanistan and his first blockbuster hit as a producer and director.

He won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Role in Aadmi Aur Insaan in 1970 and was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000. It was always such a delight to hear him talk at the Filmfare awards, he always made sure to entertain his audience with some Urdu shaiyari.

There aren’t enough words to do justice to the icon that Feroz Khan was and will remain…all we can say is that we’ll miss him.
Courtesy: Wikipedia


  1. wow, he passed away?? 😦

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