Posted by: S/J | 05/01/2009

Kya kya nahin karna parta paise ke liye

ranbir_geek When Jasmine saw this picture of Ranbir, it inspired this idea to do a post on the various avatars that these Filmistanis don for the brands they represent.

As you all must know that most our Filmistanis have been in many advertisements, we thought it would be fun to look at some of the crazy characters some of them have played.

After extensive research (pretty much just googling), we’ve concluded that Aamir Khan is one Filmistani who has been seen in many different avatars. Shahrukh phir peeche reh gaya…

Oh and we found the best commercial ever. “I’m a Complan girl!” “I’m a Complan boy!” Apne bachpan ki yaad aa gayee.

We both remember watching this commercial (the complete planned food!) when we were in India and guess who’s in it?! Check it out, all the way at the end..

P.S. Don’t you think Indian commercials are awesome! They’re always so much more entertaining than most of the commercial here, except maybe the ones made for the Superbowl.

P.P.S. Check out this cool blog… they have all these celebrity ads and more!

Aamir Khan:

aamir-khan4 aamir-khan5 aamir-khan6 aamir-khan21 aamir-khan31

Shah Rukh Khan:

Rani Mukherjee:

The Complan Kids (Ayesha Takia and Shahid Kapoor):


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