Posted by: S/J | 05/06/2009

Hum kaale hai toh kya hua?

59097 We were appalled to find out that John Abraham, out of all people, JA had decided to endorse a fairness cream! John has always been very picky about the products he endorses and always speaks about never endorsing a product that he wouldn’t use himself.

We’ve always felt like John has always tried to make a conscious effort to promote good things in society and has refrained from things that perpetuate the society’s old ideals which may cause harm to anyone.

John quoted on his own website, “I promote brands that I really believe in. Brands have to have a clear connection with my personality, or I wouldn’t endorse them. I like to be known by the brands I endorse as much as the other way around.”

This gets us thinking…so he identifies with fairness creams? Does he think it’s appropriate that the society still believes that people with a darker complexion are inferior and to get anywhere in life you need to be light-skinned?

Products that promote “fairness” are commemorating the deep-rooted prejudice in our society. “These products and their advertisements reinforce an old South East Asian bias that you have to be fair to be beautiful,” said leading advertising consultant Prahlad Kakkar, who refuses to make such commercials.

JA is not the only movie star to be endorsing a fairness cream, Shah Rukh Khan is the pioneer. However, after a little bit of research it was alleviating to know that there are some celebrities out there who are absolutely against promoting such products. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan refused L’Oreal’s offer to be a brand ambassador for their fairness cream and Sonam agreed (nahin!!).

Akshay Kumar is another celeb who is against fairness creams… “When the dusky co-model of Akshay in the ad was mentioned he said, “The darker skin tone is always more attractive and sexy. I simply can’t think of people who endorse these fairness creams and stuff!” The target this time was the actor endorsing a fairness-cream for men ‘Fair and Handsome’, Shah Rukh Khan!”


Oh how can we forget that even Bipasha Basu has been quoted saying, “You’ll never find me endorsing especially for fairness cream, because I don’t like the whole penchant for fair skin. I was offered a product endorsement for a fairness cream ages ago, but I declined. In India, dark skinned girls are still subjected to taunts and pity. In the matrimonial columns, people still advertise for a fair bride. I’m dark skinned and very proud of that.”

Bipasha has pretty much summed up why we are against fairness creams…can we just put an end to shows like Saloni Ka Safar!

Our dear Filmistanis do a lot for the community in different ways and we’re hoping they’ll pay a little more attention to such things…John are you listening?



  1. He looks unnaturally white in that poster/ad! It’s really surprising people even buy into it considering a lot of the actors endorsing these creams are tan themselves! I can’t imagine anyone approaching Bipasha for such a product! imagine…0_o

  2. hahahhahah i agree with Harpreet!! john looks like a ghost in the pic!! Very happy to hear that people like Bipasha like many other celebs don’t endorse such products and feel they have a duty to the public. Lighter has always been considered prettier in India (as well as everywhere else I suppose), cant wait for the color prejudice to go away once and for all!!!

  3. maybe the money he is getting is going towards his elephant sanctuary

  4. This is all VERY weird for ME! Over here in the UK, the Brits are all slathering themselves with gravy browning to look TANNED!!! (Except ME. I haven’t allowed myself to get a tan since 1994 when my cousin died of skin cancer.)

    I LOVE John to death, and I knew this would be a can of worms the minute I heard about it, but John has been falling over himself in the media to play down the fairness angle and play UP the ‘skin CARE’ side of it. Basically, it’s a sun block – which he freely admits he’s always used.

    I know that probably doesn’t make you feel any better about it, but I thought I’d at least speak up. xx

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