Posted by: S/J | 05/28/2009

Filmi Magazines

Sonam and Imran are on the cover of Filmfare and we must say, Filmfare has been blowing our minds off lately. The covers have been great, yes, but the editorials have been even more amazing! Also, Sonam is featured in this month’s Harper’s Bazaaar India! Double woohoo!

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One of the websites making the picture available had this to say about Sonam and Imran, “Imran Khan is doing absolutely nothing. He should thank his uncle Aamir Khan for giving him a movie like Jaane Tu… otherwise he would have had a tough time to even get a supporting role in Bollywood. All you Imran Khan fans, sorry for being harsh, but the truth has to be told.”

“Coming to Sonam Kapoor… yeah, she is doing something – flaunting her body in designer clothes in photo shoots. Well, that ends all for Sonam Kapoor. My advice to both Sonam and Imran… if you want to make it big in Bollywood, you need to have your own super style and unique acting abilities… or else… you will be soon seen weeping in every other scene. I mean you have to join the flop actor’s medium – TV Serials.”

Okay so this person makes some valid points — Imran does have Aamir, but who in Filmistan doesn’t? Also he isn’t doing nothing…he’s shooting for Luck and will be shooting for “Love In Paris” next month.

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Sonam has been appearing in quite a few editorials (we’re not complaining!), but, how’s a girl supposed to stay in the news when the damn producer’s strike is holding up all the movies…plus it’s just so great to finally have a filmistani trendsetter. Sonam is one of few (only) Filmi leading ladies with great personal style! And Imran is way too cute and has total superstar potential as does Sonam.

On a side note: “Who the hell says super style“? That person is just jealous! Plus they both already have “super style” and “unique acting abilities…” Stupid people, why do you have to piss us off!


On another side note: We should ignore jealous pissy writers who say things like “super style”! Also, why the hell are we not styling these covers and editorials!


  1. I don’t fully agree with your article, but I like it 😉

  2. Wow! That’s the most genius reply ever! We feel complemented and guilty at the same time! Thanks for your feedback!

  3. whoevers wrote dat article seems 2 hav sum big huge grudge wid both imran khan nd sonam but dude ppl r not crackpots 2 lyk either of dem nd watever u say its not gonna change their minds abt how gud both imran and sonam r so pls dnt waste ur tym

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