Posted by: S/J | 05/31/2009


27ec682cThe two-month standoff between Bollywood film producers and India’s multiplex theaters will probably end in the next week. 🙂

Does that mean we’ll see Johnny Boy on the screen soon, our long wait for “New York” might come to an end now…what could be better!

There were rumors for the millionth time that Katrina and Salman had split up but to make that even more interesting, the media is linking Katrina with John…well no surprises there since their film “New York” is almost set for release! Oh and the rumors were obviously denied by Katrina.

Only YSL or Christian Louboutin footwear for Kareena. Well, all we can say is that someone’s very fortunate and when will we buy our first pair of boutins?!

Ash and Vivek talked for 10 minutes at Karan Johar’s birthday bash.



  1. Je dois rcntenaiore que je n'ai pas suivi cette histoire. Il n'empĂŞche que l'influence des blogs est nulle : faire un billet ne sert Ă  rien, Ă  part peut-ĂŞtre exprimer la solidaritĂ©.Par ailleurs, a-t-elle Ă©tĂ© condamnĂ©e ? Connait-on les vrais motifs de la plainte ?Surtout, depuis quelques semaines, tous ces sujets me gavent. Les blogueurs gueulent pour leur propre libertĂ© d'expression mais s'empressent de taper sur un ministre parce qu'il est sanctionnĂ© par la justice…Dans cette histoire, le prĂ©fet est peut-ĂŞtre en tort (et encore, je ne connais pas le fond), mais je crois qu'il faut laisser la justice appliquer le droit. Ce que peuvent faire les blogueurs, c'est critiquer ce droit.

  2. This was the translation to the above comment if anyone was curios. It’s been translated in Google Translate, so it’s obviously not perfect.

    I rcntenaiore I have not been following this story. Nevertheless, the influence of blogs is zero: a ticket to no use, except perhaps expressing solidaritĂ©.Par addition, she was convicted? We know the true motives of the complaint? Especially since a few weeks, I cram all these subjects. Bloggers shout for their own freedom of expression but are eager to tap a minister because it is sanctioned by the court … In this story, the prefect may be wrong (and yet, I do not know the background), but I think we should let the courts apply the law. What bloggers can do is criticize this right.

  3. Also, have no clue what you’re talking about dude, even after translating it.

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