Posted by: S/J | 06/08/2009

Hamare Saath Hi Aisa Kyun Hota…Kyun Karan Kyun?!

As you all know My Name is Khan was supposed to be shot in San Francisco, remember we were psyched about it and we were disappointed about Shabana Ji leaving the film. Well we were psyched about it again! Why shouldn’t we have been, it was so close to us. The movie had been postponed so many times and was it a coincidence that it got postponed to until after we were done with school…meaning no other obligations, but Filmistan.

One thing you should know about us, our minds are an epitome of optimism…hamara dimaag ek dum filmi happy ending crap se bhara hua hai, we’re always looking at the brighter side and thinking like the Hindi films we love, our life will eventually have a happily ever after like a Yash Chopra movie!

So our movie (hamari zindagi) began when we found out that My Name is Khan was being filmed in San Francisco. We did everything possible to get on the set of that film. It didn’t hurt that our education and work experience is completely relevant.

Long story short, we got an interview with Dharma! Let that sink in…we got an interview with Dharma!! OMFG!! DHARMA!! Karan Johar’s Dharma!! The interview went so well, we totally felt like we got the job…all the questions they asked we had answers to, combined with our experience…but it seems we were too positive. Looked into all these coincidences as a sign or something…it was meant to be, but nothing…nothing happened *tear* Karan!!! Kyun?!!

What the hell?! If it was Karan interviewing, we would’ve totally been hired…oh well, until next time! (Filmi mentality kicking in…nahin!!) How many people living in the Bay Area, hell all of the world, get the chance to say they’ve been interviewed by Dharma, Karan’s Dharma. We’ll just try again and again and again, until Karan doesn’t have a choice but fall in love with us and hire us! So there…happily freakin’ ever after!

On another relevant note…the production team and Shahrukh are in SF right now, obviously! They were spotted shooting in front of Westfield, the one by the Powell St. Bart station…how many times have we been there and why weren’t we the ones who took these pictures…hamare saath aise kyun hota hai…kyun Karan kyun?!

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  1. That is amazing stuff!! Congratulations to both of you… Make sure you put a good word in for me to Karan, whenever you work for the DHARMA Production..which will be soon!!!


  2. no worries guyz…just dont give up!!!!! but congrats on the interview!! 😀

  3. Thank you so much for the encouraging words…and Chandnee can’t wait for when we have that opportunity!

  4. […] and don’t forget we almost got on the production team for MNIK’s San Francisco schedule! Even though we’re jinxed in every way possible when it comes to this movie, we’ll […]

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