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IIFA 2009 – Cirque Du Soleil

BOLLYWOOD-IIFA genelia-iifa-2009cirque
Abhishek, Ashwariya, Amitabh Bachchan
Sona: Isn’t the statue creepy?
Jasmine: Haha, yeah! Plus I hate that outfit on Ash
Sona: Oh I know…so wrong for her
Jasmine: Exactly! That look goes against everything we learned in fashion school…god who the hell is Ash’s stylist?!
Sona: But the thing is she should look good in this silhouette
Jasmine: The length is wrong for her though, plus those shoes….eeeeeehhhhh. Can’t do a wedge with a formal outfit…it never works!
Sona: Seriously…Abhishek looks really good this time!
Jasmine: I know…yummy!

Sona: Those shoes are horrible…way to kill an outfit
Jasmine: I know I couldn’t get over it!

iffa09anilcirque iffa09raveencirque
Anil Kapoor
Sona: Ehh…it’s coo

Raveena Tondon
Jasmine: Get this out of my site (pun intended!)…I want to live!
Sona: Poking my eyes out!

Rajesh Khanna
Sona: Oooh yeh! Crazy Mr. Khanna is gone and it’s back to reality!
Jasmine: Seriously, love this look on him…Babu mushai
Sona: Pushpa…I hate tears
Jasmine: I knew that was coming
Sona: Hehehe

iffa09sushmitacirque iifa09arshadcirque
Sushmita Sen
Sona: Hello beautiful! Only she can do animal print so beautifully…
Jasmine: I know seriously, I would’ve never liked this on anyone else! I love her hair and makeup.

Arshad Warsi
Jasmine: Let’s go hiking guys!
Sona: Just what I look forward to at an award show…I guess he just landed?

Ashutosh Gowarikar
Jasmine: Trying to figure out Ashutosh ke haath mein kya hai
Sona: And wonder what that pin is on his lapel…
Jasmine: I want to see what his wife is wearing because she always dresses bad.
Sona: From the looks of it, it actually looks like the grass might be greener when we get a better picture!

iifa09omprakashcirque kabirparveeniifa09cirque
Rakyesh OmPrakash Mehra
Sona: Oh Om…only if you were dressed as well as you make movies, that pin again…for directors?
Jasmine: Hmmm that would make sense! He looks so seedha saadha.
Sona: Mr. patrakaar!

Kabir Bedi
Sona: Ooh not for directors than, unless Kabir Bedi is a director now?
Jasmine: Can I just call my buddy Abhishek and ask him…
Sona: Yes please…Mr. Bedi looks amazing!
Jasmine: I know, he’s so old but quite hot…
Sona: I guess that’s what Praveen Dusanj thinks of him…except maybe the too old part?
Jasmine: Haha yeah

BOLLYWOOD-IIFA rameshsippyiifa09cirque
Lara Dutta
Jasmine: I love you Lara…she gets a big tight hug from me.
Sona: And yeh on the perfect outfit and the perfect hair

Ramesh Sippy
Sona: Hmmmm…what do I say to this…thanks for making Sholay!
Jasmine: Well he is married to Kiran Sippy
Sona: Glad I’m looking at a creepy statue of Mr. Bachchan rather than whatever outfit Mrs. Kiran would’ve inflicted on us

Sonam Kapoor
Sona: Love that dress…it’s so befitting the event…Cirque Du Soleil ishtyle!
Jasmine: Completely agree, I’ve been wanting that clutch for so long. I truly truly envy Sonam!



  1. i want sonam kapoor’s dress!!!

  2. Lifetime achievement award honoured for Super Star Rajesh Khanna at IIFA 2009 (13-6-2009)

    The superstar of Hindi cinema, actor turned politician Rajesh Khanna was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Videocon IIFA Weekend, which held at The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel from June 11 to 13, 2009 in Macau.
    Each year, IIFA 2009 honours a member of the Indian Film Fraternity with the Lifetime Achievement Award who has made innumerable contributions to Indian cinema, our sources reveal, keeping this in mind, the IIFA Advisory Board and the IIFA Management have zeroed down on Super Star Rajesh Khanna’s name for the tenth IIFA was held at Macao.

    Super Star Rajesh Khanna’s rise to stardom is considered phenomenal. One can recollect, from 1969 to 2009 (even today), the Super Star Rajesh Khanna phenomenon swept Indian cinema off its feet and the hysteria he generated was unlike anything seen before or even today, Super Star Rajesh Khanna made his Bollywood debut with the 1966 film Aakhri Khat, followed by Raaz and Baharon Ke Sapne. But his act in films like Aurat, Khamoshi and Aradhana cemented his status as the new super talent par excellence in the Indian film industry. In 1983, Super Star Rajesh Khanna displayed a spectacular performance with his role in Avtaar. After establishing his mega star status, blockbuster films followed one after another, and women all over the country swooned over him and the men aped him.

    Kaka as he is popularly known as, is still adored and fondly remembered by the masses and songs from his popular films are still loved even today.

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