Posted by: S/J | 06/19/2009


shahrukh_sf “My Name is Khan” was shot in the CBS 5 newsroom this Monday and unfortunately we couldn’t make it because we had “better secret” things to do just like the movie. “Normally, San Francisco’s Film Commission Director Stephanie Coyote loves talking about the city’s film projects. But about the film “My Name Is Khan,” she said, “Very little, nothing at all in fact. Top secret.“”

Mohit Suri, a Bhatt camp director whose last film was “Raaz – The Mystery Continues,” plans to make a film about the recent attacks on Indian students in Australia.

What’s bad for Hollywood is turning out to be good news for Filmistan. Special effects for movies is the newest field which saw growth in outsourcing to India from Hollywood due to the current economic situation in the U.S.

Hamara Johnny boy is in the news for going all method actor on us again! First it was “Aashayein” and now “New York.” Excerpt from the interview, “Says a close friend, “John researched rigorously on Islam and its various aspects. His character in New York is detained wrongly for terrorism. John based his character on three such real life Muslims taken into custody in the US for wrongs they hadn’t committed. John and his director Kabir Khan amalgamated the case of three such unfortunate people to create John’s character. He actually lived breathed slept and wept like someone who had been wrongly ostracized.”

Someone will hopefully not cry on their birthday this year…Oh the drama!
Picture courtesy: Asian Forums

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