Posted by: S/J | 06/21/2009

Chura Lia Hai Tumne Jo

We love Filmistan. Obviously. But there is one big accusation on Filmistan…that they “borrow” a lot from other sources. It’s true, they do. Many people out there really hate that about the industry, but the thing is…who doesn’t borrow. As long as the reinterpretation is better that’s all that matters and most of the time it is. We’re not encouraging filmmakers to copy scene to scene, that’s actually when the end result turns out worse than the original. But when done properly a story can be translated into the aesthetic of that particular audience and in the end be a different product.

Original version of “Agar Tum Mil Jao” from Zeher

Original version of “Nasha Yeh Pyar Ka Nasha Hai” from Mann

We have seen so many Hollywood movies that have been made into Hindi movies and apart from some really sad cases, we enjoyed the Hindi movie so much more! We’re not condemning Hollywood movies…we enjoy them, as well as other foreign movies immensely because they have a certain way of telling the story as Filmistan has its own. We just think that people who think that Filmistan is inferior in some ways to Hollywood need to realize that it’s just different. Hollywood makes plenty of crappy movies too, including copies, as does Filmistan…but they’re different.

Orignial version of “Kali Nagin Ki Zulfein” from Mann

Original version of “Tum Kya Jaano” from Aashiq

Anyhow we got off into a different tangent, the point of this post was to show you some of the music that’s been “borrowed.” Quite blatantly actually. For some reason we feel differently about “borrowing” music. Maybe we feel differently about the whole film because the good ones have such a different feel, the story feels differently and there is so much scope to differentiate it. But the songs…the music, to call it your own, it seems wrong because well all you do differently is add lyrics. We’re not aware if the rights of these songs were acquired from the owners (that would be so very nice of them and make our job a lot easier) or if they were even credited in the end credits. We surely didn’t know about of these…found them out of pure accident.

Original version of “Pehli Nazar” from Race

It’s ironic though that we’re trying to defend Filmistan and showing the original versions of these songs at the same time. As we were ending this post, found this page where someone did a lot of work and listed a large number of copied Hindi songs. Also on Youtube you can see the songs copied by Anu Malik and under related videos you can see more, including Pritam. It’s kinda sad.



  1. Right on. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. People who don’t create art of their own don’t understand the idea that a work of art is influenced by something that came before it. The Departed was pretty much a frame for frame copy of a Chinese movie called Infernal Affairs and Scorcese won an Oscar for it. And Tarantino called Kaante “the best ripoff of Reservoir Dogs he’s ever seen.” And Dostana of course was way better than the crappy Adam Sandler movie that inspired the plot.

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