Posted by: S/J | 06/25/2009

Na Jaane

mere dil ko kya ho gaya, abhi toh yahin tha abhi kho gaya…it’s time to take out Paap again and than DDLG!

GQ 7 GQ 1

Okay so these pictures are actually not new. They are from a photo shoot he did for GQ at least a few months ago, but the reason they’re posted is…they’re pictures of John, looking yummmazing no less! Really…that’s the reason. And since New York is coming out tomorrow (YEHH!!), we thought we should give you a little incentive as to why you should go watch the movie. (If you’re into girls than google Katrina)

This is the first big release after that strike, it feels like a drought has ended! ” “Paying Guests,” “Let’s Dance,” “Raftaar,” “Kal Kissne Dekha,” “Zor Lagaa Ke… Haiya!” “Team – The Force” and “99” have already released, but these movies are for our DVD players jaani!

GQ 2 GQ 3 GQ 4

If we had the money, we would go to the theater to go watch pretty much every Hindi movie that releases. But that’s just not possible at this time, so there are only a few reasons that take us to the theater, five dollar Tuesdays are one of them and John Abraham (there are more but let’s stay on topic). And for a John movie, we’re willing to sacrifice a couple more bucks and watch it on the first Friday!

There’s Kabir Khan. While ‘Kabul Express’ wasn’t a huge hit, we enjoyed it (it seems quite a few flops end up on our most favorite movies of all time list :JBJ, Home Delivery, Rules…Pyar Ka Superhit Formula among others). We’re curious to see him pull off a more masala entertainer. Than there’s Neil ‘Johnny Gaddar’ Mukesh and Katrina…let’s just hope she can impress us, it’s been a while since Namastey London.

GQ 5 GQ 6 GQ 8

But really, apart from John, most of all we’re looking forward and hoping and praying that Yash Raj Films regains its old glory. It’s been a while since there was a hit/movie we really loved from YRF. Let’s see what ‘New York’ holds…and this time we are for sure writing a review (so lazy about those)! Bhagwan ki kasam!


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