Posted by: S/J | 06/26/2009

Tum Yeh Kyun Nahin Kehtey Yaar

First-Look-DBH-Poster One look at Rani’s face (even after the beard) and those perfect eyebrows, YRF decided that Sona and Jasmine would handle the PR of ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’ so that Rani’s new avtaar isn’t taken as too absurd. So they have decided to focus on: look at how adorable she is…don’t focus on the fact that she can’t possibly pass for a man. (By the way, isn’t she sooo cute and adorable. Just love Rani, so versatile. This movie looks like it’s going to be fun!) along with State Farm Insurance is having a contest to find the next Bollywood singing sitara! Most of Filmistani Fandome is of course going to vote for Sona and Jasmine because they have voices next to none (pun intended)! How else will we get to be in a Filmistani film!

Lara is doing three comedies this year. “I love it when they say they can’t think of anyone else for the part. However, I still feel I have to get that one performance-oriented role which would take me to another level. Every morning I wake up and say, I know it’s out there somewhere.” (I know that Sona and Jasmine are going to be the ones to make the perfect film, which will take me to that next level). Oh Lara, how can we say no! We started on the script just as those words came out of your mouth.

Akshay is just so sweet. As he’s promoting the much awaited release of this year, ‘Kambakkhat Ishq’ he was gushing about all the people he got to work with.
“You set your film in nothing less than Universal Studios, then you do stunts along with Brandon Routh (better known as Superman), (than you get the best stylists in the world Sona and Jasmine, who did both mine and Kareena’s outfits), than you romance with Denise Richards and Kareena Kapoor and then the ultimate pleasure is to share screen space with Ramboji (Sylvester Stallone).”

Shah Rukh had to postpone work on the sci-fi film, RA 1 and instead will be working on Farah Khan’s “Happy New Year” after ‘My Name is Khan’ is finished. He’s really excited about it because Son and Jasmine co-wrote the screenplay for that movie and is sure it’ll bring him even more success, if that’s possible.

P.S. We tried to so hard to go watch New York today and it was playing in three theaters in our area, but it was sold out everywhere! Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get lucky and watch it. Look out for the review!
*Most of the news is real, but many parts aren’t, please don’t sue us! We’re broke!!


  1. Dil Bole Hadippa is gonna suck, retarded movie and rani is done

  2. You guys should be sued! lol
    Btw I am totally loving DBH trailer and first look!!
    Can’t wait!! :-))
    Hope you guys get to watch NY tomorrow!

  3. Thanks for the comment and we’re looking forward to DBH, it looks like so much fun! We did get to watch New York last night, finally…the fourth time! This was the hardest we worked to watch a movie, the review will be up soon! Promise!

    @Harpreet: I know DBH is not your type of movie, you jut can’t watch movies for the fun of it, can you? It’ll be a lot of fun to watch and Rani is far from done. She’s just having a hard time, she has so much talent…she just needs to get some better roles…let’s hope she moves away from YRF territory and explores her options and hopefully filmmakers will give her those options.

  4. Shahid Kapoor sucks, this movie is not going to be fun.. lol Only movie Shahid might be good in is Kaminey…and it might be his best movie, most likely..

    I doubt Rani can be a box office star anymore, I’m not talking about actual acting..cuz she is better than a lot of main female STARS these days…. so yea she is probably done, if you know what I mean.

  5. Happy bakwaas nahin karday..ok?!

  6. Okay haha

  7. Dear Sona/Jasmine,
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    My first book BOLLYWOOD IN POSTERS was recently released by Amitabh at the IIFA press conf in Macau.
    Lets do a poster exhibition showcasing 8 decades on Bollywood.
    I liked your blog and wonder why your “contact us ” section doesnt work, so i am writing here, hope this reaches u.
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