Posted by: S/J | 07/16/2009

Dikhayee Diye Yoon

Composed by the genius Khayyam saab with lyrics by Mir Taqi Mir, this song moves you to the soul. It’s beautifully sung by Lata ji and her voice sort of haunts you…maybe because we know what the movie is about.

Film: Bazaar (1982)
Cast: Bharat Kapoor, Supriya Pathak, Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah, and Farooq Shaikh
Directed By: Sagar Sarhadi
Music By: Khayyam
Lyrics (for this song): Mir Taqi Mir

Dikhayi Diye Yoon Ke Bekhudh Kiya (I saw you such that I got restless)
Humein Aapse Bhi Judaa Kar Chale ( You separated me from myself)

Jabheen Sajda Karte Hi Karte Gayi -2 (Forehead kept on bowing in prayer)
Haq-E-Bandigi Hum Adaa Kar Chale (I completed my obligation of truthful devotion)

Dikhayi Diye Yoon…..

Parastish Kiya Tak Ke Aye But Tujhe -2 (I worshiped you so much O Idol)
Nazar Mein Sabonki Khuda Kar Chale (That you became god in everyone’s eyes)

Dikhayi Diye Yoon…..

Bahut Arzoo Thi Gali Ki Teri -2 ( I yearned so much for your lane (abode)
So Yaas-E-Lahoo Mein Naha Kar Chale (That I come bathed in my own blood)

Dikhayi Diye Yoon…..
Jabheen = Forehead
Parastish = Worship
Yaas = Dejection/Disappointment



  1. never heard this song before…nice lyrics though

  2. I cant believe you girls put songs on..
    I love it, this is a great song…

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