Posted by: S/J | 07/18/2009

Happy Birthday Priyanka!

Tum jeeyo hazaaron saal, yeh hamari hai aarzoo…Happy Bir-day to you!

As is and will remain a tradition from now on, we’re going to give you all the reasons we can for loving the “Birthday Filmistani.” This time, it’s none other than Piggy Chops! If there is one word we can use to define Priyanka, then it has to be “filmi.” People can be a part of Filmistan but not everyone has the adaa and kiswat of a true filmi. We might be assuming a lot, but we’re hardly ever wrong about these kinds of things…in our head. 😉 You can see her filminess from the various public appearances, her demeanor, and especially her choice of films.

Ba mulaezaa hoshiaar…the jaazib-e-zebaa, the saaqib Piggy Chops ke baare mein guftagu karne wale hai: (Be ready, we’re going to talk about the attractively-graceful and sublime Priyanka Chopra)*

We absolutely adored her when she came on “Oye! It’s Friday,” every moment was so much fun! Words don’t do justice, make sure you catch that episode.

Loved, loved, loved her character in Salaam-e-Ishq! Kamini is definitely one our most favorite filmi characters of all time and we have a strong suspicion that it might be quite close to Priyanka’s real personality.

She loves doing action films… where she actually gets to kick some ass (Don, Drona)! Secretly, all filmi girls want to do action films where they get to beat up some bad guys!

She has a really sweet voice and she uses both Hindi and Urdu quite frequently when she speaks. (Most Filmis end up speaking English…we don’t enjoy that as much as we enjoy listening to a fluent Hindustani speaker.

She can sing! Another trait of a filmi person. All filmis want to sing because we sure do!

She has a good plastic surgeon! Yeah, this might come off as a bit snarky, but if you’re going to get some surgery done…please do it like Priyanka! Just compare Koena and Priyanka, you’ll know why this made our list. (Now, if we think plastic surgery is a good idea or not, especially in the long run, well that’s for another post!)

She is part of these films: Aitraaz, Don, Dostana, Fashion, Salaam-e-Ishq, upcoming What’s Your Rashee (Ashutosh Gowarikar), Pyaar Impossible (YRF!), and Kaminey (she’s holding a machine-gun in one of the stills…you know you want to see that).

Karan Johar follows her on Twitter…yeah that’s right, we’re that shallow.

And finally, she’s so proper and polished but not like Ash (don’t worry we don’t hate Aishwariya, at least not anymore…haha). The filminess just makes her so much more fun!
Adaa: style, attitude
Kiswat: manner (ism)
Saaqib: shining brightly/splendid/sublime
Jaazib: alluring/attractive
Zebaa: adorned/beautiful/proper/graceful
*Jaazib-e-Zebaa: just two words we threw together to sound all cool and look like we know something about Urdu


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