Posted by: S/J | 07/20/2009

Yeh Zindagi Kitni Ghatiya Hai!

Sona: I hate my life! I hate my life! I hate my life!
Jasmine: I hate my life, a little more than you hate yours!
Sona: No you don’t! I hate mine more!!
Jasmine: Kyam! There’s no point arguing…our lives suck! I don’t know what to do, where to go!!
Sona: Me neither…urggghhh I feel like screaming…killing someone is just too hard!
Jasmine: Hmmm, kaash main world travel kar sakti abhi…I need to make money so I can run away to Mumbai. That’s all, I can’t think of anything else! Can’t believe we’re losing our creativity, can’t believe we are having such a difficult time writing something for our blog…isn’t writing for the blog supposed to be fun?
Sona: Seriously!! Mumbai….when can we see you? We didn’t even get to see Karan…and he was so close!
Jasmine: Ok, that’s just depressing. Can’t believe hume mila nahin Karan. Ok let’s not post this up because I feel like we are always writing depressing Mumbai/Karan stuff!
Sona: This is only the second time, isn’t it? Plus, this is our blog…we should be allowed to bitch about our depressing lives, if we feel like it…or is that reserved for GyanGurus?
Jasmine: That’s true as well…we can put it on GyanGurus I guess.
Sona: We can put it on both…and our readers will get to know why we haven’t posted anything!
Jasmine: Ok lets do that!



  1. i hate my life too…but i love you guys!

  2. Stop that right now – all THREE of you! You are all young and gor-JUS with the world at your fingertips – bright, funny and pearls beyond price. You were made for the world – go out and have some fun in it!!

  3. V!! You’re the sweetest ever!! Love you so much!

    Sona/Jasmine and we know Resh feels this way too!

  4. Awww Venetia, you know we love you! You know how can things can get sometimes…we’re just frustrated because we’re not doing anything these days, no job and school’s over!

    Resh, so glad we have each other…no one else understands us! Love you, our fellow kameeni.

  5. Ah yes – but is the sun not shining? Are your eyes not bright? Are your wits not sharp and your minds not keen and hungry?

    Revel in your youth, my darlings. I love you.

  6. Tomorrow we shall try and revel! Love you too!


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