Posted by: S/J | 07/27/2009

A Little Birdie Told Us…

twitter Okay the latest is that we’re on Twitter…yes us! Once upon a time we were hesitant about being on these social networking sites but now we’re all for them. Following some of our favorite celebrities on Twitter is definitely one of the reasons.

It might seem redundant to ‘re-tweet,’ but we have a feeling there are still people out there who don’t want to sign up for Twitter, but wouldn’t mind some of the little tidbits of information that the Filmistanis are tweeting. But, do give us some feedback and let us know how you feel about this category…here are some of the dilchusp tweets.

Karan Johar: On my way to the Filmfare office….have a chat session with the Filmfare team…
Sona and Jasmine: Wait did he mean the Filmistan team?

Sonam Kapoor: Overslept… On way to work now… In the car listening to old RD Burman.. And really want to eat a good Japanese meal.
Sona and Jasmine: We’re so alike, even we’re listening to R.D. Burman – Mera Kuch Samaan, but don’t know about Japanese food. Maybe Italian?

Priyanka Chopra: Doing promotion for Kaminey. Interviews etc.. Fun.. So excited about Kaminey.. First look of Whats Your Raashee, releasing Thursday.. Yay!!
Sona and Jasmine: Interview with Filmistan Connection? Okay and can we say that we just can’t get over how awesome the film title is…Kaminey! Something we would title one of our films!

Preity Zinta: U knw wht’s d worst part abt being n actress? It’s the pressure to luk gorgeous all d time nd 2 behve perfctly. Bt I’m not perfect, nobody is.
Sona and Jasmine: Is this the real Preity Zinta? That tweet does sound like her, but some of her other ones…ummm not sure!

Vishal Dadlani: Is ‘awake’ just a state of mind? My eyes are open, but I don’t think I wanna be awake yet! Slept three hours ago!
Sona and Jasmine: We heart Vishal! But we’re missing Shekhar, hopefully he’s feeling better. And yes ‘awake’ is just a state of mind…and so is ‘sleep.’

Dino Morea: Morning tweeps, am off to shoot, yes am doing a special appearance in Pyar Impossible, lots of fun. Acid factory is releasing Oct 3rd.
Sona and Jasmine: Good Morning to you Dino! Love how at least one person says “Good Morning” to us everyday…aaj kal kahan kehte hain log! Haha.


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