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Review: Kaminey

Directed By: Vishal Bhardwaj
Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Amol Gupte, Shahid Kapoor, Deb Mukherjee, Tenzing Nima, Chandan Roy Sanyal
Rating: 3.5/5

new-kaminey-movie-poster Yeh kaise ho gaya…a film named “Kaminey”…who would’ve thunk!

All these years the word “kameeni” has been a favorite among our group of friends and it’s a been a word that is used to express our love for each other…we don’t have weird nicknames for each other but just call each other by the universal nickname “kameeni.” Hazaar logon ki bheed mein bhi agar koi kameeni bolega toh hum peeche murd kar zaroor dekhenge!

So naturally we were excited about the film from day one, well there a few reasons behind it…
1. Title of the film.
2. Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj – loved Maqbool and Omkara, even The Blue Umbrella.
3. Music was amazing and the lyrics were by the one and only Gulzar Saab.
4. Priyanka Chopra – no need to say anything else about this.
5. Shahid Kapoor in a different look and a double role.

Kaminey is the story of Charlie (Shahid Kapoor), a small-time gangster dreaming to become a bookie, and Guddu (Shahid Kapoor), a righteous NGO worker, who get caught up in web of speech impediments, coke filled guitars, and remnants of a 70s masala movie with Guddu’s girlfriend Sweety (Priyanka Chopra) and the kamineyest of Kamineys.

Walking into a movie with huge expectations can sometimes lead to big disappointments, but gladly that wasn’t the case this time. The cake goes to Vishal Bhardwaj all the way. Vishal Bhardwaj the writer, the director, the music composer. We are the kind of people who can love a movie just because it has intelligent dialogue and beautifully shot scenes. And Kaminey was just that.kaminey16

Vishal has written well-defined characters and has managed to extract the best out of each actor in every shot. We mean the best, these were truly the best performances so far of Shahid and Priyanka. And all the other Kamineys, the supporting cast, were so good one after the other. Amol Gupte as Sweety’s (Raj Thakery inspired?) bhai, Tenzing Nima as the cool drug-lord, Chandan Roy Sanyal as Charlie’s best friend Mikhail. When the supporting-cast was on screen, you did not miss the lead actors. Vishal definetily knows how to get great performances from each actor.

He used the old ghisi-piti story of the 70s and managed to give it a somewhat new treatment for the audience of today, the dialogues really make the movie stand out. There were splurges of laughter heard in the theater and that was quite contrary to the look of the movie, which was shot pretty much in these grayish, rain cloud kind of tones. People definetily got the humor. Editing and cinematography was WOW thanks to Meghna Manchanda Sen and Tassaduq Hussain respectively.

The movie was almost a complete entertainer but there was something missing. The first half was really well-paced, but there were lulls between scenes during the second half…the excitement of one scene didn’t transition smoothly with the next. Also the film could’ve been a tad bit shorter because some of the scenes in the second-half were a bit repetitive.

The music of the film was refreshing, a great collaborative effort by the music director, Vishal Bhardwaj and the lyricist, Gulzaar saab. “Dhan tena” really stands out and almost makes you want to get up and start imitating the moves in the theater. We were looking forward to “Pehli Baar Mohabbat” but unfortunately it was played during the end credits. This song was a signature Gulzaar saab love song, a little reminiscent of “O saathi re” from Omkara…he pens the most unsual and unexpected words – “Gelehri* ke joothe matar khaaye the. “Dhan Te Na” has been on our minds since the music released with “Raat Ke Dhai Baje,” and the title track being our other favorites. The words, the words! Gulzar saab is just such a genius. In the song “Fatak,” there’s a line…”Yeh Ishq Nahi Asaan, Aids Ka Khatra Hai,” he’s just so funny, we couldn’t stop laughing for like five minutes.

kaminey14 This hardly ever happens in a movie, but the audience was clapping during a few scenes and it was the loudest in the climax when Sweety was shooting at people with a gun! The audience was definitely having a great time.

Priyanka spoke her Marathi dialogues effortlessly, it seemed effortless to us non-Marathi speakers anyway. She brought magic onto the screen, we really wish we had seen more of her in the film! She was dressed in printed-cotton churidaars with minimal make-up, but immaculately manicured nails…well her brother was Bhope Bhai and had money, so she could obviously afford the manicure!

Shahid managed to play both completely different characters convincingly and made the audiences roll with laughter. One scene there was a stammering Guddu and the other, there was Charlie, jo S ko F bolta hai.

Overall, this was a fun entertainer with great dialogues. The scenes, especially Charlie’s dream sequences and the climax, viewed individually are just genius…but somehow as a whole it was missing something. You have to watch it once for sure and than rent the movie and re-watch your favorite scenes.
*Gelehri means Squirrel



  1. awww…i’m dissapointed 😦 i was hoping for a GREAT movie after a long list of dissapointments…

  2. Thanks for sharing the interesting stuff you have put on your blog about Shahid Kapoor.

  3. Thank you!

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