Posted by: S/J | 10/02/2009

We apologize…

wake-up-sid-stills09Sorry for not blogging for almost a month now. The reasons for our absence are ones that anyone who has been home for almost 6 months without work or school would totally relate to. We had just been uninspired and preoccupied with nothing…we really are the kind of people who get more done when we have more on our plate. However, we promise to blog regularly from now on…Gita pe haath rakh ke kasam khaate hain.

In the past few weeks that we’ve been absent – Sona has been busy helping her uncle with some paperwork and Jasmine, well she was luckish enough to catch two new films!

Jasmine: I watched Dil Bole Hadippa! and totally started watching with really low expectations from the film…c’mon have you seen the way Rani looks dressed as a sardarji!!! Well, the good news is that the movie was way better than I expected and Rani was obviously brilliant.

The second movie I watched was What’s Your Rashee? – I went to go watch this one with a group of about 7 friends and most of us had headaches by the time we left the movie theater. The movie was extremely long and had way too many songs – these are two things I never complain about, knowing it’s a Hindi movie I expect these things but it is exceptional in this case. There was seriously no climax or perhaps story, it was all so monotonous! One reason why anyone should watch this movie is PRIYANKA! She is brilliant and managed to capture all the little nuances of every character. I really wish it was a good movie but oh well…I think this will calm Ashutosh a little bit 😉

That’s it for now and we’re hoping to catch Wake Up Sid! tomorrow and the review will be up soon. Oh how we adore Ranbir…can’t wait to watch the movie.


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