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Film reviews by a lazy person…


Went to go watch this one with high expectations because of Dharma, Karan Johar, Saif and Kareena’s first appearance on the silver screen, and of course Rensil D’Silva because he wrote the screenplay for one my all-time favorite films – Rang De Basanti! I have to say I enjoyed the film while I was watching it, but there were too many things that were wrong with it for me to have that feeling last longer than the end of the film.

A film with a bad script has nothing else to save it from failure and throw in some horrible editing and it all goes downhill. Things that give me the courage to still talk about the movie and say the word “love” in the same sentence as Kurbaan would be Kareena! I loved Kareena in the film – she looked beautiful, acted really well, and I think she looks amazing when she cries…I’m looking forward to some crying from her in 3 Idiots as well…haha I know it’s a bit weird.

What really surprised me in this film was Akki Narula’s work as a costume stylist. I loved the two distinctive looks he gave Kareena in the film – the first one with long skirts, churidaars, mojaris, scarves and sweaters and the other look with nice luxurious coats and scarves…also kudos to the makeup artist (whose name I cannot find anywhere!) for making Kareena look so beautiful.

Overall, it completely failed as a film and I realized that even more after I watched New York for the second time! Kabir Khan actually handled the terrorism subject really well and made sense of the subject. So, what was the film trying to depict…that all Muslims are bound to be terrorists? Or some Muslims? Someone please tell me, I usually don’t have trouble understanding complicated stories but this one has my head spinning 😉

rocket3Rocket Singh – Salesman of the year

WOW! Is that really Ranbir Kapoor??? The promotional song that had created such dhamaal amongst everyone and was playing in my head all day…everyone on Facebook was talking about it too…Pocket mein rocket hai, pocket mein. Yash Raj Films has been experimenting with different types of films, but this was probably the first time they took such an unusual approach for marketing a film…only one promotional song as a trailer for a film! And guess what? It worked…I went to go watch it and most people I know went to go watch it as well.

Watched the film and liked it! It was definitely an unsual film for our industry, it wasn’t a love story with backdrop of action but it was a story about a salesman…simple. I said it in my last review and I’ll say it again, Ranbir has arrived and is here to stay. He molds himself into different characters and makes them so believable, he really did look like a sardarji you would know…I would know…anyone would know. His mannerisms, his bhangrafied dance moves, everything was a pleasure to watch.

Overall, a simple and inspirational story with some funny moments! However, toward the end the film was a bit dragged and it could’ve be cut short, otherwise no complaints I guess… but Shimit’s Chak De India was far superior.

de-dana-dan-001.jpg_800De Dana Dan

Not that I had huge expectations from this film but it still was a Priydarshan flick was I thought maybe it’ll actually be funny. Unfortunately, it was nothing like Hera Pheri and I only laughed occasionally. The first-half was still bearable but the second half almost put me to sleep but I somehow stayed up to finish the movie…it was hell to sit through the long dreary climax scene.

I cannot say anything good about this movie. Akshay needs to stop doing these “funny” films and Katrina needs to stop signing films with Akshay because the outcome is always bad!


It was a usual Madhur Bhandarkar flick…it was real, full of emotions, and depicted the struggles of an everyday person. Neil Nitin and Mugdha Godse both did really well in the movie. No complaints from the film in any way.


Visually amazing but a weak script! I watched this one for Lara, she looked amazing in the movie and of course acted really well. Underwater scenes, scuba diving, swimming with sharks, beautiful yachts…that’s all the movie delivered…oh and why was Zayed Khan in the movie? Why is he still getting films despite the fact that he’s never acted in any of them!

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

Really, not as bad as I heard it was. Loved Ranbir, I mean he’s just too freakin’ good in every movie and well Katrina was okay …she tried! (She’s beautiful though) There were some really funny bits in the movie and there were scenes that reminded me of Andaz Apna Apna and even one scene from Sholay! The climax fighting scene was so remincent of the climax in Andaz Apna Apna, oh and Robert was in this movie as well. However, it was nowhere close to AAA. Andaz Apna Apna is a classic and I feel like Rajkumar Santhoshi tried to use a similar type of humor in this film but it just didn’t work…let’s face it people, classics cannot be recreated.

Main Aur Mrs. Khanna (SPOILER!!!)

I actually had some expectations from this movie because I liked the last time I saw Kareena and Salman together in “Kyun Ki.” I was also hoping to give Sohail Khan Productions the benefit of the doubt because of Lucky — that movie was adorable! But, all those expectations went down the drain. Itni ghatiya movie thi!

I was rolling my eyes at half of the scenes in the movie. The characters were so superficial that I couldn’t relate to any of them and thus was not invested in the outcome of their life…so obviously the acting was sub-par. And even though I just said that I wasn’t invested in them, I couldn’t believe that Mrs. Khanna stayed with Samir, but than not like Akash was good enough. She should’ve left both of them! But Mrs. Khanna didn’t really make sense to me either…so whatever.

The dialogues were horrible. The movie had three good things…Mrs. Khanna’s living room was beautiful, Priety guest-starred as Haseena Jagmagia and that reminded me of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, and they played the song “Bade achche lagtein hai” from Balika Badhu.

All The Best

Well, my mom thought the movie was funny…retarded, but funny. I didn’t really have any expectations from the movie considering it was another ensemble cast doing another “comedy” picturized so brightly that it hurt my eyes. And that’s what it turned out to be…well from the fifteen minutes I was able to watch it, than I feel asleep and don’t know what happened. P.S. I miss the old Ajay Devgan.



  1. thanx. i luv this blog. helps me pick n choose hindi movies…will definetly watch Rocket Singh now.

  2. Hahhaha – you HAVE been busy. Merry Christmas, darlings!! Vxxx

  3. If only more than 25 people could read this.

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