Posted by: S/J | 01/15/2010

Yeh Hamari Life Bhi Naa….Abhi Tak Ghatiyaa Hai

Sona: Ok so, aaj hamarey blog ki saalgirah hai, exactly one year since we first wrote for it…
Jasmine: Yeah seriously, one year aur life abhi bhi ghatiya hai! (Yeah seriously, one year and our life still sucks!)
Sona: Seriously! Kyun?! (Why?!)
Jasmine: So Karan ko koi sapna nahin aya aur hamein koi phone call nahin ayee… (So Karan didn’t dream about us nor did he call us)
Sona: Nahin….stupid Karan! (No…stupid Karan!)
Jasmine: Are we Kaminis from Salaam-e-Ishq that we keep waiting for that phone call?
Sona: Yeah, we seriously are.
Sona: Paagal ho jaayenge if we have to keep waiting, it’s already been a lifetime for god’s sake! (We’ll go crazy if….)
Jasmine: However, a lot has changed in this year…we’re on Twitter and ocassionally get replies from Filmistanis and not to forget the few interviews we did!
Sona: Yeah, I guess…it’s not all bad, but it seems like we’re more depressed.
Jasmine: I mean we’re still jobless…I took up two jobs and quit
Jasmine: You think someone might offer us a job after reading this…hope is all we have…
Sona: Sigh…you know My Name is Khan is about to release
Jasmine: We’re jinxed when in comes to MNIK
Sona: Seriously! First that interview with Prashant Shah for a job on the set for their SF shoot which is actually what we want to do for real, not just some crazy fans trying to meet famous people! Than that casting call for extras in Novato…found out too late and than thinking maybe if we met Karan once*….(Yeh Karn bhi naaa….imagine Kirron Kher from Hum Tum!)
Sona: It seems everything else has come full circle and hamari life abhi tak ghatiya hai (full circle…and our life still sucks!)
Jasmine: We seem to have a real connection with the film, yet we don’t!
Sona: What are we going to do? Stalking didn’t pan out, what’s our next plan?
Jasmine: Bothering them on twitter?!
Sona: Twitter zindabad!
Jasmine: Yeah like we have a choice!
Sona: Hmmmm……
*Since we knew where the cast and crew were staying we actually went to the hotel once again tried stalking Karan and Shahrukh in San Francisco when they were shooting in SF for MNIK, we missed them by a few hours…boo!


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