Posted by: S/J | 03/02/2010

Kabhi Kahin Kisi Roz…Jab Zingagi Koi Naya Mod Leti Hai

Sona: Hey what would be the title of this…in English I was thinking “When Things Happen”
Sona: But of course it has to be Filmi
Jasmine: Kabhi Kahin Kisi Roz
Sona: Jab Zingagi Koi Naya Mod Leti Hai
Sona: Oh that’s nice
Jasmine: Nice! Perfecto
Sona: I like yours better, so I’m gonna keep that
Sona: OMB! OMB! OMB!
Jasmine: I like them both together
Sona: Oh..yeah that works too!
Jasmine: OMB?
Sona: Oh my bhagwaan
Jasmine: That’s why I was saying we’re a great team…first part mera aur doosra tera!
Jasmine: Haha OMB is awesome
Sona: Okay so you know what else is awesome?
Sona: When things happen…
Jasmine: That Priyanka replied to us today…
Sona: YES!!
Jasmine: How am I gonna get over this…it was the sweetest tweet ever too!
Sona: *Scream*!!
Jasmine: Singing DHAN TENA out loud!!!
Sona: @FilmiConnection I wish I could guys… very tough shoot sched. My director will kill me!! Luv to you and the family!
Sona: I’m so not getting over this!
Jasmine: Awwwww meri pyari kameeni Priyanka
Sona: I know!! Kamini…..kameeni!
Sona: She’s the epitome of kamininess and that’s why we lauuuuurve her!
Jasmine: Priyanka has officially gained this title today…
Jasmine: Can’t think of another word for gain…
Sona: acquired
Jasmine: Ek minute India baat kar rahi hoon
Sona: scooped
Jasmine: Backwa
Sona: Yeh!!

Okay fellow Filmis, that’s it for our randomness. Sona has to go watch Damages while Jasmine catches up on Lost! If you guys didn’t know this already, Priyanka and Ranbir, with the team of “Anjaana Anjaani,” have been shooting in SF for quite a few days now. So, we’ve been trying to meet them, mostly Priyanka so we can become her stylists! Alas, we have no information. So we’ve been tweeting incessantly. We doubt we’ll get to meet her, but she replied and that really made our day and the next few days! She’s so sweet! Hopefully we’ll find out when they’re shooting in San Jose and get a chance! Love you all!

P.S. The link to the Filmfare Awards winners is here!



  1. That’s fabulous!! SO happy for you both!! 🙂

  2. Thanks V!

  3. What’s the title of your other blog?!

  4. Hey good to see you on here…me and a friend both blog together but we’ve been quite uninspired lately but here’s the link to our other blog –

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