Posted by: S/J | 06/09/2010

Happy Birthday Sonam!

actgal300023 Tum jeeyo hazaaron saal, saal ke din hon pachaas hazaar…here’s wishing you a happy birthday!

In honor of Sonam Kapoor’s birthday, here’s the list of the good, the good and the more good and some jealousy thrown in more for good measure.

First and foremost is fashion. Sonam Kapoor is hands down the most stylish woman in Filmistan. Nobody stands a chance. It’s not that people don’t look good, they do, well sometimes they do. But, no one else has such a clearly defined style that is completely spot on and she isn’t afraid to take risks.

She is so much fun in her interviews, we remember her from Oye It’s Friday…she’s not so polished when she speaks, but that’s a good thing because you know she’s real. And she has this quirky side we love, because it’s so nice to see someone be themselves and instead of fitting into some sort of Filmi mold.

We simply adored her in her first film Saawariya. We envied her for being launched by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and that too in a beautiful “blue” movie, wearing some of the most gorgeous outfits and romancing in a fake little town!

We envied her even more, when we found out that she assisted Sanjay during Black.

Love the fact that she seems to be doing movies with some thought. They’re different enough, giving us the chance to see her grow. Even though her role in Delhi 6 wasn’t a huge one, it left a mark. Loved the character she played! And now we can’t wait to see her in “I Hate Luv Storys” and “Aisha.”

Until Sonam came into Filmistan, we don’t think we ever looked upto anyone for their fashion sense, except maybe Priety Zinta sometimes. Sonam has always amazed us with some of the most eclectic outfits – kundan necklace, asymmetrical dress and gladiator sandals. It’s not that fashion is the only reason we love her, it’s a major part in why we do, but for now she’s still a newcomer of sorts. There have been only two movies out and we haven’t gotten a chance to see her on TV as much, so we’re still getting to know her…as much as people can without meeting someone.

As we get to know her, we’re sure the list will grow. Until than, we can admire her fashion sense, because we rarely get to gush over someone in Filmistan because of their clothes and you guys know how much we love fashion, after all we did study it. Below is a gallery of some of our favorite outfits.

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