Posted by: S/J | 11/22/2010


As we had told you earlier, we were working on a movie and we also started a new fashion blog that’s been keeping us really busy. However, we’ve decided to be regular in bringing you filmi khabrein once again!

John Abraham’s eight-packs to beat Aamir’s six-packs from Ghajini. So, now we know why John’s been roaming around looking like a bodyguard! John is playing a cop in the film Kha Kha Kha…haha the name is hilarious…literally translated in Hindi…eat eat eat! While looking up filmi news, we also read that John’s dad is really ill. We really hope that John’s dad gets better soon, poor Johnny boy must be going through such a hard time.

Katrina aur Deepika ki dosti…taaliyaan! Well, they’ll be seen in Housefull 2 but it’s not confirmed yet. What is confirmed, however, is that John Abraham will be in the film…we did like Akshay and John in Garam Masala so let’s hope this one’s good too.

Remember, we had interviewed Shirish Kunder while back, well his next film Joker will star Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha. This movie will be the first ever 3-D movie made in filmistan…yay for Shirish!!!


  1. Ok you guys should do these type of posts more often! It was very funny and informative! I don’t even care about the going ons in Bollywood but if this is the way it was presented I would totally care!

  2. Awww thanks Arjoo, it means a lot coming from someone who doesn’t even care about Bollywood!

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