Posted by: S/J | 12/05/2010

Review: Break Ke Baad

Directed by: Danish Aslam
Cast: Lillete Dubey, Shahana Goswami, Imran Khan, Navin Nischol, Deepika Padukone, and Sharmila Tagore.
Rating: 0/5
Review Type: The one where it gives us a headache. Also there will be spoilers, but really who cares.

break-ke-baad-review Adaab fellow Filmis! Hopefully all is good and well with you guys. We’re alright, if you’re wondering. So, yeah about this movie….hmm, where should we start? Mogambo khush hua!! But, there’s a caveat…he died of a headache by the time the movie ended. It wasn’t a good movie, it really actually gave us a headache. There’s always details to mention though…

Lilette Dubey’s character had really fun dialogues that we can add to our daily vocabulary inspired by Filmistan, so that’s a plus.

The beginning was really cute and there was this whole thing the main characters had, “Shahrukh and Sunita,” which was really cute. (Clarification: main characters are not Shahrukh and Sunita) All the good and the cute was very superficial, otherwise the dialogues, screenplay and the story was an unimpressive, drawn-out, boring, yawn and headache-inducing blubberfest. There was another moment, which we related to…in a scene Deepika’s character, Aaliya, is having a freak-out because her mom won’t agree with her into letting her major in Mass Communication…it was funny (mostly sad) because that was one of our majors and well we’re still unemployed.

There were a lot of filmi references, as it seems have become the trend with the Karan Johar camp these days, and even though it was a Kunal Kohli production, it’s the same thing. So the filmi-loving filmis in films, that’s great and all because we get those references and it’s funny and nice to see that there are people who think like we do. Because the whole thing, where the kids had memorized all the dialogues to the movie, well that’s us. But, these cute little details don’t make a good movie. The story and the characters have to hold your interest and yes you say it was a romantic-comedy…it’s the same old, same old, but it’s not because each story has something unique, like life. But, this one was not that. Unique. No. Blah. Yes.

See, this movie would’ve been really good if Imtiaz had made it…oh wait! He did! Except, not this one because it was so bad, you get our point. That’s right bitches, why don’t you (the moviemakers, never you readers!) try writing some real movies and stop trying to make money off of one script for the rest of your lives. We’re so fed up with movies this year!! Was there anything exceptional?

We have a headache and you probably do too. As promised!


Sona and Jasmine


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