Posted by: S/J | 06/19/2011

So far we’re keeping our word…

So here we are, back again, writing stuff about other stuff.

So, Bipasha Basu (thank you for breaking up with John Abraham so we have a chance even though we really liked you two together as a couple – the babies would have been blindingly beautiful) is in the land up north and east of here – with the cold and the snow, well not right now.

We also present evidence of this news, with pictures from the Internet. First, you’ll see her at the airport – is she wearing Uggs? Because if she is then uggh (so clever we are sometimes – imagine bad Indian accent). Just because you’re at the airport doesn’t mean you get to wear those…yeah yeah they’re comfortable – well so are many other shoes…cute round-toe flats for example.

The third picture is of her again in a cutish dress (the fate of that dress shall be decided upon seeing le shoes)…the Internet, specically Filmicafe, said that she was walking the green carpet at Brampton IIFA Buzz. She’s not, you can clearly see that there’s no green carpet but a stage. So…I guess that’s it for today.

Oh you know I (Sona) was reading our reviews for Break Ke Baad and I Hate Luv Storys and we totally sound bi-polar, contradicting…I’ve decided that both movies were bad.



  1. John Abraham In Love With Priya

    He is a Johny bravo, not the one who will sit back and cry over a spilled milk.

    It’s all over between John and Bipasha, now time to move on, John Abraham who last made the news by revealing how things dint work well between he and Bipasha in his 8 years of relation, is now dating a girl named, Priya Marwah who is a Banker by profession.

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