Posted by: S/J | 02/22/2012

Review: Rockstar

Directed by: Imtiaz Ali

Story by: Imtiaz Ali and Muazzam Beg

Cast: Nargis Fakhri, Aditi Rao Hydari, Ranbir Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Piyush Mishra, Shernaz Patel

Rating: 4.5/5

Review type: The one where Sona was so moved by a movie that she actually wrote a review.

This movie. It was like I was in this haze. In that field, beyond right and wrong. I know when you read this, you’re going to think Sona’s making another lame pun/joke. Nope, so serious. It was funny and I laughed out loud and it was real, and emotional and heart-wrenching. But not in that weird dramatic Hindi movie way. At the end, seriously all I could think was that it was like a spiritual experience. Dil choo liya yaar.

I’m sure there’s some critic out there who noticed the flaws, something that was off. I didn’t. After a long time, all I did was experience the movie in a pure way. I had lost that and I’m sure I’ll get it back with the next one. But this is how I want to experience watching movies and I know it’s only going to happen rarely.

“Yahan se buhat door. Ghalat aur sahi ke paar…ek maidaan hai. Main wahan miloonga tujhe.” I fell in love with it even before I saw this movie. Goosebumps every time! This quote by Rumi, pretty much the most brilliant thing ever, it gets down to the essence of the movie and the characters. I don’t know if it was just me, but their actions did feel beyond right and wrong. I mean they’re having an affair and otherwise it’s impossible for me ignore it when characters cheat in movies or shows. It didn’t feel like that in this movie because you actually, truly, felt it from the characters’ perspective. Heer is of course torn and you can feel that. But the fact that Jordan doesn’t really care is obvious, but I didn’t care that he didn’t care. His passion overwhelms you and you don’t give a shit. You live it one moment at a time, one scene at a time.

Ho mujh pe karam sarkar tera

Araz tujhe kar de mujhe

Mujhse hi riha

Ab mujhko bhi ho deedar mera

Kar de mujhe mujh se hi riha

Mujh se hi rihaaa…

Mann ke mere ye bharam

Kachche mere ye karam

Leke chale hain kahaan main to jaanu hi na

This is my favorite part of ‘Kun Faaya Kun,’ the lyrics are so beautiful. He’s singing that he doesn’t know where his deeds are taking him and Ranbir’s face just personifies that so well. I just LOVE Jordan’s character and obviously didn’t have a choice, since the story was about him and it’s just written so well. Ranbir just adds to it by like ten-thousand times. He did such an amazing job, which I’m going to keep saying over and over again, be prepared.

What’s brilliant with that character is that I had the most intense feeling of wanting to know what he was thinking in many parts of the movie. This doesn’t really happen in Hindi movies, which I only consciously realized after I watched this movie. What I really, really hate about Hindi movies is that they’re always literally showing what the person is thinking. With those flashback scenes or freaking monologues. So many movies have this problem.

Not here, at the end Kun Faaya Kun, when he walks toward the tomb and is resting his head against the wall, I wanted to go inside the movie and ask him to tell me what he’s thinking. Because you know in real life you want to know things about people that you find intriguing and are invested in, sometimes even strangers. I loved that I wanted to know this character and I also loved that I could kind of glean what he was feeling but not completely – exactly like real life.

The music is amazing. It’s character driven and Rehman did an amazing job, what a surprise (haha)… really though, can’t remember the last time the music enhanced the characters so much. Like in ‘Aur Ho’ you can see their desperation and restlessness. Of course you can’t not mention Irhad Kamil, the lyrics are so touching. In ‘Nadaan Parindey’ when he sings …

“kaaga re kaaga re mori itni araj tujhse chun chun khaiyo maans

khaiyo na tu naina more, khaiyo na tu naina mohe piya ke milan ki aas..”

He sings to the crow that when he eats his flesh to leave the eyes because he’s still hoping and waiting to see his love. And when Jordan is singing the second verse, he’s just shaking with pain and you can literally feel it – I started sobbing here. Didn’t cry at all throughout the movie, but just couldn’t stop myself it was so painful. 

I love all the songs and they all evoke such different feelings. Before I watched the movie, Katiyaa Karun, Tum Ho and Tum Ko, Aur Ho and Phir Se Ud Chala were on the top because they’re easy to like. I loved the lyrics of ‘Katiyaa Karoon’ and Phir Se Ud Chala and there’s this piano section in Tum Ho that just gets me every time. I can feel myself slipping from this world and into another one. I still love those songs and have been listening to every single one continuously since yesterday.

But, now the list is reversed. Kun Faaya Kun and Naadan Parindey, just because I remember Jordan’s face, his confusion and the pain in those songs. I really can’t emphasize how much I loved Ranbir’s performance. Also, using Mohit Chauhan as Jordan’s voice was brilliant. His voice is contemporary enough for all the guitar, but still has that Indian thing where sometimes you want to cry uncontrollably because everything sounds so wonderful. And I know that doesn’t just happen to me.

Also the lyrics of ‘Jo Bhi Main Kehna Chahoon.’

Maine yeh bhi socha hai aksar
Tu bhi main bhi sabhi hai sheeshe
Khudhi ko hum sabhi main dekhein

Great stuff. Really, I can do this for all the songs.

And the dialogues, which is no surprise, are amazing. Imtiaz’s movies really do have the best ones and some great one liners. ‘Palang tod!’

Although my plan was just to talk about how I felt about the movie because I felt so much, I can’t help but get some technical stuff in there now that I’ve watched parts of the movie over and over again. Editing, cinematography (how good was the lighting?!), costumes (everything made sense and loved Jordan’s look!) were really good. I really liked the back and forth in the movie, it added to the movie and the feeling of getting to know to the character slowly, like you would in real life. And that Kashimiri bridal outfit, WOW! And all the Kashmiri embroidery, wanted every single thing!

Oh did notice one negative thing. I wish Nargis was a better actor. Even in the haze, I could notice it a lot, especially next to Ranbir’s awesomeness. But, I did like the scene right after she fights with him and tells him to go to hell and never again and all that (she wasn’t good in that part), but right after she cries for a second and sorts herself out, she was good. A lot of the times I could just ignore how bad she was, but sometimes it was reaaaally bad. The blame goes to the casting director and of course the whole problem with Bollywood and their fascination with a pretty face, but not the acting. Katrina Kaif anyone, Deepika (granted they’ve improved, if slightly)? I get why they wanted a new face, I really do and what a beautiful face – physically she was perfect for the role (Kashmiri girl and all that). I just wished that they had spent more time on honing her skills then. This is painful, but I’m looking at you Imtiaz – how you can okay a take if it’s not perfect.

Also, SHAMMI KAPOOR guys! I got so happy and sad when I saw him. I loved when Jordan and Heer do ‘Tareef Karoon Kya Uski’ from Kashmir Ki Kali. So cute and so funny!

And. Prague and Kashmir. So beautiful!

Le freaking sigh. I’m not going to get over this movie. It’s going to take a long, long time…maybe forever. I keep thinking about it and talking about it and listening to the music.


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