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As we had told you earlier, we were working on a movie and we also started a new fashion blog that’s been keeping us really busy. However, we’ve decided to be regular in bringing you filmi khabrein once again!

John Abraham’s eight-packs to beat Aamir’s six-packs from Ghajini. So, now we know why John’s been roaming around looking like a bodyguard! John is playing a cop in the film Kha Kha Kha…haha the name is hilarious…literally translated in Hindi…eat eat eat! While looking up filmi news, we also read that John’s dad is really ill. We really hope that John’s dad gets better soon, poor Johnny boy must be going through such a hard time.

Katrina aur Deepika ki dosti…taaliyaan! Well, they’ll be seen in Housefull 2 but it’s not confirmed yet. What is confirmed, however, is that John Abraham will be in the film…we did like Akshay and John in Garam Masala so let’s hope this one’s good too.

Remember, we had interviewed Shirish Kunder while back, well his next film Joker will star Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha. This movie will be the first ever 3-D movie made in filmistan…yay for Shirish!!!

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Hum Zinda Hain

It has been a long time. A really really long time. We have legitimate reasons though….wait for it…


A HINDI/TAMIL MOVIE. (It’s close enough for now.)

Unfortunately, that’s all we can discuss with you. Under contract. We’ll try to update soon, but yay for us!

Love you guys,
Sona and Jasmine

Oh, lots of good music coming out lately and some good movies, that we’ll mention as soon as possible. Here’s an example of one, a combination of both…music and film.

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Saajnaa – Lamhaa

This song is so beautiful, the lyrics, the feeling it oozes — everything is beautiful just like Kashmir.

Film: Lamhaa (2010)
Music Director: Mithoon
Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri
Starring: Bipasha Basu, Sanjay Dutt, Kunal Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Shernaz Patel
Singer(s): Mika and Chinmayi

Mahiyaa ve…

Hai dil ko teri aarzoo
Par main tujhe naa paa sakoon
Hai dil ko teri justjoo
Par main tujhe naa paa sakoon
Main hoon shab tu subah
Dono jud ke judaa
Main hoon lab tu dua
Dono jud ke judaa
Saajnaa… Saajnaa… Mahiyaa… Saajnaa ve

Kayee khwaab dil tujhko lekar sajaaye
Par khauff yeh bhi kahiin par sataaye
Ghar ye bhi toote toh phir hoga kya re
Mujhe raas aati hain khushiyaan kahaa re
Kyon dil ko dukhana bewajah Saajna ve
Kyon dil ko dukhana bewajah
Phir aansoon bahaana ik dafaa…
Phir aansoon bahaana ik dafaa…

Main hoon shab tu subah
Dono jud ke judaa
Main hoon lab tu dua
Dono jud ke judaa
Saajnaa… Saajnaa… Mahiyaa… Saajna ve

Tu hi toh har pal bandha hain, lamhon ki in zanjeeron mein
Tu hi toh har dum raha hain khwaabon ki har tabeeron mein
Tu hi toh har din dikha hain dhundli ya ujli tasveeron mein
Teri hi toh hain khushboo mujhme haan Saajnaa ve
Teri hi toh hain khushboo mujhme haan…
Ab tu hi toh har soon har jagah…
Ab tu hi toh har soon har jagah…

Main hoon shab tu subah
Dono jud ke judaa
Main hoon lab tu dua
Dono jud ke judaa
Saajnaa… Saajnaa… Mahiyaa… Saajna Ve

Haan tera saaya toh main hoon
Par sang tere naa reh sakoon
Haan is safar me toh main hoon
Par sang tere naa ruk sakoon

Main hoon shab tu subah
Dono jud ke judaa
Main hoon lab tu dua
Dono jud ke judaa
Saajnaa… Saajnaa… Mahiyaa… Saajna Ve

Mahiyaa ve
Mahiyaa ve……

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Review: I Hate Luv Storys

Directed by: Punit Malhotra
Cast: Bruna Abdullah, Sameer Dattani, Sonam Kapoor, Imran Khan, Samir Soni
Rating: 4/5
Review Type: The biased kind, where we love everything because it was so awesome!

ihateluvstorys Wahi puraani pyar ki kahani, no saga, but hatke!

Okay, so this is really hard to do. We’re miserable, ergo no new updates. But, of course we had to “review” this movie, we had been looking forward to a good old fashion Hindi pyar ki kahani for a while now, since Love Aaj Kal.

You’d think after we watched the movie, we’d feel better right? But, of course we don’t, because of all the things the movie could be based around, it had to be on the sets of a damn Hindi movie. So, the whole time all we did was wallow in our misery because we wanted Sonam and Imran’s jobs…or Simran and J’s jobs. And obviously befkoof Karan’s not calling us. Hint hint Karan! 😉

Jasmine: Is using befkoof too mean?
Sona: I don’t think so.
Jasmine: You think they’ll understand our NRI humor?
Sona: I’m sure they will, don’t worry. If they don’t Imran will explain it to them…(Yeah that’s right we get all of Imran’s jokes on Twitter.)

So, anyway on to the movie review. We loved it. There was a scene with Imran and Sonam in the beginning in the theater, it was so brilliantly written that we wanted to keep rewinding it with our imaginary remote and keep watching it over and over again. Imran was especially good in that scene.

It was a really really good romantic comedy. Really good! We feel like watching it again right now, again. We should get into the technicalities now, even though we don’t really feel like it. But the things we do for love…so costumes first? still7

Manish outdid himself. He’s grown, you can tell…his pants are short now. Hahaha! No, but seriously. The clothing was very much in character, in his earlier movies there was always a ‘Filminess’ to them, which we obviously appreciate, but it was really nice to see this side of Manish. Really loved Sonam’s clothes, so yeh Manish! Oh, we hate your assistants ‘A and A’ (we’re not naming them), we wish they were S and J! Sona and Jasmine, if you’re slow on the uptake.

Jasmine: Don’t do that, don’t do that! Sona: Okay fine. “if you’re slow on the uptake.”

Music, next. We don’t have enough words to describe how beautiful the music was. The lyrics of ‘Bin Tere – Reprise’ are so good; they’re heart-wrenching. Kumaar wrote the song and Shekhar did such an amazing job singing it…wish we could ask Javed Saab to praise Shekhar for the way he sang this song, obviously we have no talent! (Karan: this doesn’t mean we won’t be talented ADs, Art Directors, Production designers, and costume assistants and than of course later with experience costume designers…just making sure you know this!) Sajda, written by Anvita Dutt Guptan is also beautiful, actually the whole album is really listenable (it’s a real word). Vishal and Shekhar continue to work their jaadu on the world of Filmi music.

Punit Malhota, you evil genius! Why do you torture us with this world? The movie was obviously really good, the story while ghisi piti had a twist to it and you created characters that were realistic and relate-able, but also so Filmi! (That is a very good thing, if you’re unsure.)Editing, by Akiv Ali, was excellent because you know we didn’t notice it. Cinematography, by Ayananka Bose (yeh a woman!!), was exceptional, especially for the title song.

Both, Sonam (we love you!) and Imran (we love you too!) are naturals for these kinds of roles. Really liked Sameer Soni, he played the combination of Karan and Sanjay Leela Bhansali perfectly. Did we get this right Punit? Or are we just spreading afwaaein? We think we’re right, of course. Tweet us and let us know for sure.

still17Dialogues were amazing, Imran definitely got the good end of those because of the way his character thought. We LAUUUVED all the movie references in the movie, obviously we had seen every one of them multiple times. And while the movie was of course really romantic and cute, it was also really….

1 a funny movie | these guys are really funny amusing, humorous, witty, comic, comical, facetious, jocular, jokey; hilarious, hysterical, riotous, uproarious; entertaining, diverting, sparkling, scintillating; silly, farcical, slapstick; informal side-splitting, rib-tickling, laugh-a-minute, wacky, zany, off the wall, a scream, rich, priceless.

Mentionable Doohickeys
Ek: Scene in the theater. Kya dialogues the. “Tumhara naam Simran hai? Don’t tell me, tumhara boyfriend Raj hai?” [Or something like that, it was very jokey…hahahahah!] Imran was amazing in that scene, kya dialogue delivery thi. Wah Wah! Mashallah.

Do: Simran being an Art Director. We would kill for that job and we might really soon if Karan doesn’t call us.

Teen: Sonam’s hair! Stupid bitch with her perfect hair! (Don’t worry, you know we love her…yeh toh hum sirf apne bohat pyaare doston ko kehte hain.)

Chaar: The clothes. The places, like all Dharma/Yash Raj movies were very beautiful.

Paanch: Liked the characters because they were very confused, like us. Very Imtiazy. Is this a new trend in Hindi films? It is…it’s a good trend, we don’t feel so bad about being bhoole-bhatke.

Che: The fact that we like the title song is a really big deal. We despise Hindi songs when they put English in them, it totally kills them, but this one wasn’t annoying. It was in fact really very good.

Saat: The kadak chai cheers. Sampooran awesomeness.

Overall, a really sweet, kweet (if you don’t get the reference you’re a dhabba) romantic comedy that’s actually funny!

Hamarein khayalon mein aksar yeh baatein hoti hain ki Tarun, Karan se kehta hai:
Tarun: Hey Karan did you read this review of IHLS?
Karan: Yeah! Wasn’t it hatke?
Tarun: They were so funny! I think we should hire them for the dialogues of Dostana 2.
Karan: Haan and than they should be on the permanent staff of Dharma or Karma.

P.S. While we know we’re hilarious and get our own jokes, sometimes other people don’t get them. Just so you know, there were no malicious intentions. We really loved the movie and we really really want to work with Karan, pretty please with strawberries on top! Call us Karan!

P.P.S Go watch the movie!

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Happy Birthday Sonam!

actgal300023 Tum jeeyo hazaaron saal, saal ke din hon pachaas hazaar…here’s wishing you a happy birthday!

In honor of Sonam Kapoor’s birthday, here’s the list of the good, the good and the more good and some jealousy thrown in more for good measure.

First and foremost is fashion. Sonam Kapoor is hands down the most stylish woman in Filmistan. Nobody stands a chance. It’s not that people don’t look good, they do, well sometimes they do. But, no one else has such a clearly defined style that is completely spot on and she isn’t afraid to take risks.

She is so much fun in her interviews, we remember her from Oye It’s Friday…she’s not so polished when she speaks, but that’s a good thing because you know she’s real. And she has this quirky side we love, because it’s so nice to see someone be themselves and instead of fitting into some sort of Filmi mold.

We simply adored her in her first film Saawariya. We envied her for being launched by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and that too in a beautiful “blue” movie, wearing some of the most gorgeous outfits and romancing in a fake little town!

We envied her even more, when we found out that she assisted Sanjay during Black.

Love the fact that she seems to be doing movies with some thought. They’re different enough, giving us the chance to see her grow. Even though her role in Delhi 6 wasn’t a huge one, it left a mark. Loved the character she played! And now we can’t wait to see her in “I Hate Luv Storys” and “Aisha.”

Until Sonam came into Filmistan, we don’t think we ever looked upto anyone for their fashion sense, except maybe Priety Zinta sometimes. Sonam has always amazed us with some of the most eclectic outfits – kundan necklace, asymmetrical dress and gladiator sandals. It’s not that fashion is the only reason we love her, it’s a major part in why we do, but for now she’s still a newcomer of sorts. There have been only two movies out and we haven’t gotten a chance to see her on TV as much, so we’re still getting to know her…as much as people can without meeting someone.

As we get to know her, we’re sure the list will grow. Until than, we can admire her fashion sense, because we rarely get to gush over someone in Filmistan because of their clothes and you guys know how much we love fashion, after all we did study it. Below is a gallery of some of our favorite outfits.

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Mora Piya Mose Bolat Naahin – Rajneeti

We’re currently obsessed with this song. The song is full of pain and heartache…it’s a haunting melody that we don’t think we’ll get tired of anytime soon!

Film: Rajneeti (2010)
Music Director: Aadesh Shrivastav
Lyricist: Sameer
Starring: Ajay Devgan, Nana Patekar, Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Naseruddin Shah, Manoj Bajpai
Singer(s): Aadesh Shrivastav

Piya haiii
Moraa .aaa.. Moraa…
Piya .. mora piyaa ..
Piya Mora.. Mora piya
Maanat nahin .. more piya ..
Mora piya…

Mora piya mu se bolat naahin
Mora piya mu se bolat naahin
(you are all I want.. I am nothing but you, just look at me please, say something)
Dawar jiya ke
(why dont you speak to me, you are all I need)
Ooohh dawar jiye ke kholat naahinnn
Mora piya mu se bolat naahin
Mora piya mu se bolat naahin

Darpan dekhun(ba ga re re sa ni da sa), roop niharun
Hoo darpan dekhun, roop niharun
Aur sola shringaar karun
Phir nazariya baitha bairi
Kaise ankhiyan chaar karoon
Koi jatan ab,
Koi jatan ab kaam na aave
Uss kach sohat naahin
Mora piya mu se bolat naahin
Mora piya mu se bolat naahin

Hamari ek (ga re si da ga), muskaan pe woh toh
Haan hamari ek muskaan pe woh toh apni jaan lutaata tha
Jag bisra ki aanthon pehariya, more hi gun gata tha
Baagai kaaa
Bhagai ka koyi sautan ho ke mora kuch baawat naahin
Mora piya muh se bolat naahin
(say something, why dont you speak to me, look at me)
Mora piya muh se bolat naahin
Dawar jiya ke
(just speak to me please)
Ooo dawar jiye ke kholat naahin
(don’t you know I just can’t live without you)
Mora piya muh se bolat naahin – 5 times

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Ek Choti Si Baat

OMB!* Aisa kaise ho gaya? Karan, how can you let your friends do this?! Please, please don’t let them leave the house like this ever again.

Oh and can someone please go steal Ekta’s shoes and spare us that horrible sight in the future, and while they’re at it…steal those pants and that shirt as well!

*OMB – Oh my bhagwaan (OMG)
Please click on image for a larger version.
Image courtesy: Filmicafe & HHC

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Happy Birthday Karan!

karan-johar Tum jeeyo hazaaron saal, saal ke din hon pachaas hazaar…here’s wishing you a happy birthday!

In honor of one of our favorite filmistani fairies (our fairy godmother that is…at least he should be), here are a few reasons on why we love, hate and obsess over Karan Johar.

We both love and hate him for making us feel like Kamini from Salaam-E-Ishq, making us wait for that one call from his, so our life can begin.

We hate how the Universe plays games with us when it come to Karan. We always get so close to meeting him and then it doesn’t happen! We almost got to work on MNIK and then Jasmine was at the Kites premiere (yeah we’ll explain this in the next post!) and didn’t even see him once. It’s incidences like this that make us believe that there is something special when it comes to Karan…we just need to be patient, or maybe the Universe just hates us!

We love that he does ‘Kofee with Karan’ and ‘Life Kara De.’ Just love those shows, especially KWK. Can’t wait for the next season, wish they would do it regularly instead just doing it whenever they feel like it. We need that in our lives, at least until we aren’t working on the sets of a movie as production designers, costume designers or assistant designers and of course giving every single Filmi celebrity a makeover, except maybe Sonam.

We love his ‘chirkutiness!’*

We love his vision of movies. The movies might be overly ‘Filmi’ (LOVE!), but damn if they aren’t the most beautiful things you’ve seen on the screen. The clothes, the places, the furniture…just go watch ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.” kkhh_9

We love him for making a film like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. It might be cheesy, but if that’s not a modern day classic than we don’t know what is! It was the first DVD we ever bought and is one of the most quotable movies ever…legendary dialogues like “kuch kuch hota hai, tum nahin samjhoge,” “she’s your best friend yaa” or “tusi jaa rahe ho, tusi naa jao.”

We love his sense of humor and the sarcasm. At least one person in the industry who’ll understand us.

We love seeing him grow with his movies, that he tried something like ‘My Name is Khan’… even though it was still too corny.

But really most of all, we love him because that is one person that we want to work with. To be on the sets of a ‘Dharma Production,’ to be part of making a Karan Johar film, that is a dream come true…khuda sabr de!*

So, happy birthday Karan, because you are one of the reasons that we have dreams.

*Chirkutiness: a mixture of dork, nerd, and cuteness…still doesn’t really explain it, but if you watch his interviews on ‘Koffee with Karan’ and ‘Life Kara De’ you should see it.

*Khuda Sabr De: God give us patience…reference to a dialogue from ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.’

Sona: Hey what would be the title of this…in English I was thinking “When Things Happen”
Sona: But of course it has to be Filmi
Jasmine: Kabhi Kahin Kisi Roz
Sona: Jab Zingagi Koi Naya Mod Leti Hai
Sona: Oh that’s nice
Jasmine: Nice! Perfecto
Sona: I like yours better, so I’m gonna keep that
Sona: OMB! OMB! OMB!
Jasmine: I like them both together
Sona: Oh..yeah that works too!
Jasmine: OMB?
Sona: Oh my bhagwaan
Jasmine: That’s why I was saying we’re a great team…first part mera aur doosra tera!
Jasmine: Haha OMB is awesome
Sona: Okay so you know what else is awesome?
Sona: When things happen…
Jasmine: That Priyanka replied to us today…
Sona: YES!!
Jasmine: How am I gonna get over this…it was the sweetest tweet ever too!
Sona: *Scream*!!
Jasmine: Singing DHAN TENA out loud!!!
Sona: @FilmiConnection I wish I could guys… very tough shoot sched. My director will kill me!! Luv to you and the family!
Sona: I’m so not getting over this!
Jasmine: Awwwww meri pyari kameeni Priyanka
Sona: I know!! Kamini…..kameeni!
Sona: She’s the epitome of kamininess and that’s why we lauuuuurve her!
Jasmine: Priyanka has officially gained this title today…
Jasmine: Can’t think of another word for gain…
Sona: acquired
Jasmine: Ek minute India baat kar rahi hoon
Sona: scooped
Jasmine: Backwa
Sona: Yeh!!

Okay fellow Filmis, that’s it for our randomness. Sona has to go watch Damages while Jasmine catches up on Lost! If you guys didn’t know this already, Priyanka and Ranbir, with the team of “Anjaana Anjaani,” have been shooting in SF for quite a few days now. So, we’ve been trying to meet them, mostly Priyanka so we can become her stylists! Alas, we have no information. So we’ve been tweeting incessantly. We doubt we’ll get to meet her, but she replied and that really made our day and the next few days! She’s so sweet! Hopefully we’ll find out when they’re shooting in San Jose and get a chance! Love you all!

P.S. The link to the Filmfare Awards winners is here!

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55th Filmfare Awards

Hello people!

Yes we know we’ve been missing for longer than anyone would’ve liked, but things happen and well that leads no new posts. But, something big happened a few hours ago, the Filmfare Awards! Here are the pictures that are available so far, thanks to Filmicafe. Enjoy! We’ll post up the winners soon and more pictures as they come along!

Also Shammi Kapoor, @shamsheraj, is on Twitter! That just makes us so happy! Yaaaaahooooo!!

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