Posted by: S/J | 06/17/2011


Soo…hi (looks sharminda – but not like Katrina…that just looks fake, but it was the closest thing we could find to mirror our feeling) it’s been a while…

So you know obviously we’ve been missing but we recently realized that we pay for this website and you know we should use it because otherwise it’s a waste money and we don’t really have any…


We were you know doing things, like trying to make that money we were talking about, which actually didn’t really pan out, but we had fun…more or less…doing it. We have stories to tell and hopefully this won’t be another fluke and you’ll get to hear them…we’re 99.9% sure you’ll get to hear them. Also, we’re still trying to become Priyanka Chopra’s stylists – it’s really hard! In the meantime we take that energy and direct it to this blog.

But we got news gaaon waalo! There’s some big shit brewing.

Sona: yeah big tatti (shit in Punjabi)

Jasmine: hahahahaha

Sona: we can’t say this

Jasmine: haha really we can’t?

Sona: only some people will understand it…

Don’t bad words sound worse in your own language? Not that anything pertaining to feces is necessarily bad, just…distasteful. We’re also taking less “diplomatic” approach to life and blogging. Apparently.

But yeah anyway big things…we’ll be covering iifa for you guys!!


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